Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2015 Revit Revision Rundown Rectacular

I had honestly been hoping that Autodesk's Revit 'development' department would collapse under the weight of it's own faggotry before it managed to to shit out a 2015 release of Revit, but it appears as if they are still going strong.

Let's get right to it shall we?

First is this guy's list:  http://revitrants.blogspot.com/

He seems to be less than enthusiastic about the offerings - mainly because most of them are so far overdue that the library is garnishing their paycheck.  Railing/ramp/stair tools? (not that I give a fuck), text tools?, worksharing improvements?

A few sound useful - double-click to deactivate view (whoop-de-doo), text definitely needed help (now we get to see how badly they fucked up while reinventing the fucking wheel), revision clouds (definitely sucked badly - we'll see), and of course 'Sketchy Lines' (more on that in a minute).

It's the old trick of not releasing fixes for the many known problems your software has because doing so would be a de-facto admission that your software was fucked up.  The way this guy finishes his rundown by expressing the belief that Autodesk actually had some major feature upgrades/additions planned but is 'withholding these (unnamed) features until they are finished' is just fucking sad.

It's not unlike watching the victim in an abusive relationship (not to downplay the seriousness of such abuse), but the same tell-tale signs are there.  Making excuses: 'Revit only forces me to waste time doing unnecessary work to accomplish the same task because it loves me!', and displaying false hope: 'I just know that someday Revit will go back to rehab, kick the habit, and then magical rainbows and sparkle ponies will shoot out of my ass!  You'll see!!!'

Next up is this bloke: http://www.cadlinecommunity.co.uk/Blogs/Blog.aspx?ScoId=cf9f3cac-1748-4f84-a025-07968741c658

As the last guy said, the majority of these improvements seem to be related to structural engineering, but this is where I noticed the first mention of 'Trim/Extend Multiple Elements".  I would like to tattoo that shit on the forehead of the cocksucker who was giving shit to the guy asking about how to do just that (rather than admitting that Revit is flawed).

And now - without further delay - a first look at 'sketchy lines': http://static.autodesk.net/dc/content/dam/autodesk/www/products/autodesk-revit-family/images/screenshots/2015/sketchy-lines-large-1152x647.jpg

When I was first told about this 'feature' I envisioned it as a possible way to differentiate between what information in a model had actually been reviewed and what was still 'sketchy' so you would know whether or not you should waste your time.  Silly me - in reality it's basically the equivalent of a filter that makes your shitty fucking Revit shit look even shittier (maybe this was intentional - making the standard shit look less shitty by comparison).

Seriously - the fact that this even shows up as a 'feature' is the equivalent of stenciling a giant hand with it's middle finger extended on the moon in order to show people just how little of a fuck Autodesk gives about the people who actually have to use their bullshit software to produce drawings.

There is a list of requests a mile fucking long for shit to be included into Revit (half are ignored because they would actually improve the software, and thereby show that it is inherently flawed - the other half are ignored because they would take effort to implement).

Then there is this guy:


Equally boring list - but with an excellent set of comments from frustrated, disappointed, semi-homicidal motherfuckers shooting Autodesk directly in the face for having the sack to call this sad collection of bullshit an 'update'.

 Amusingly - the only thing I even found related to my field (out of the 4-5 items related to MEP - one of which is to 'calculate pressure drop') was "Electrical API enhancements - Create wires, add/modify wire properties and remove vertices"  (whatever the fuck that means).

If anybody runs across a more comprehensive list of updated items that are specific to Electrical Engineering, I would appreciate it.  I'm not expecting anything earth-shattering (or even earth-puncturing) though.

I would derive a great amount of pleasure from watching those responsible for this affront against all that is good and productive in this world suffer as these lists are read off to them.  Each word a reminder of when they had a chance to bring their customers a functional set of software, but instead chose the way of pain.

To even start to make up for the hell that they hath wrought - the first thing you would have to see upon installing the 2015 update would be an apology: 'We at Autodesk sincerely apologize for our incompetence, please accept this free upgrade as a small token of our appreciation for the obscene amount of money we have taken in exchange for software that is so shitty that it makes you question your faith in the human race.'

Instead, they will be cracking open the champagne and celebrating another successful release - here's hoping it crashes, permanently corrupts every existing Revit file, and then promptly burns out the processor cores on every motherfucking computer it gets installed on!

Fuck Autodesk, Fuck 'Revit 2015', and FUCK REVITARDS!!!


  1. I'm a Electrical Consulting Engineer and my firm is getting a lot pressure from clients to switch to Revit. We are extremely efficient at ACAD and have a great design process that works well. We have resisted the switch about as long as we can in hopes that Revit MEP would get better. Is there any chance I won't end up with a gun in my mouth? Advice??

  2. With all their bullshit talk - there's a good fucking reason Autodesk continues to put out a new release of ACAD every year - it's what people who are interested in productivity and profits continue to use.

    Refuse to be assimilated. Tell your clients that they are being suckered into paying more money for Architects and Engineers to sit around jerking off instead of getting a set of plans out the door.

    Oh - and if you ever hear the gun talking to you, make sure the first place it gets shoved is directly up the ass of a Revit junkie or developer.

    Then pull the trigger until it goes 'click'.

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    1. Nice! Thanks for the heads up - I'll have to enable IMG tags.

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  6. This is my last "upgrade" I'm paying for.....

    My autodesk subscription fee is one of my biggest bills every year. I'm a sole practice building designer, and every year I get an e-mail from my reseller asking for another $1600NZD. It's the only contact I have from them every 12 months apart from the Christmas "O what a year" one. I've been paying a 'subscription' for about 6 or 7 years in the hope Revit will get it's shit together, where it will have a decent array of drafting tools, have a text editor, it will let me draw as fast as I can think, like the AutoCAD days, where you could trim multiple items with a fence line.... oh wait you can almost do that now.

    This has got to be the worst, lamest update ever. I read a few reviews listing the updates and new features, that I thought I might use. I made notes, my list had 4 things on it and I can't get one of the things to be of any use to me. I hate to admit it, I have a use for like the sketchy lines thing. Double click to exit a view? who the fuck would make double click to access a view, and not make the same action to exit it? Autocad did that 10 years ago.

    So the install went pretty sweet, but half of my projects I try to upgrade have a fatal error at about 95%. J F*&N christ!!! Now what do I do, send in a crash report? That says thank you at the end of it?

    I'm over paying for development of shit I don't use and not getting the basics right.

  7. Autodesk doesn't give a fuck. They've taken the industry by the balls and just keep squeezing harder. Forcing you to upgrade your files to the current version rather than making the software 'backwards compatible' (like ACAD that can open files created in any previous release without a *time consuming* and error prone 'update') is just another way they force the Revit cock into the eye-sockets of designers.