Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What In The Fucking Fuck?!?!?

All right!

So I finally get the little Revit project that could out the fucking door - and now I'm on to another project adjacent to it in the same building.  This one has two phases, is larger, and the second phase is considerably more complex because it has two surgical suites that are going to have special requirements, as well as a generator for critical and life safety power (of course the shell building wasn't designed with this in mind).

I go through the same process - link in the Architectural model, start aligning my levels with their levels (why the fuck this is necessary is beyond me).  And voila!  No fucking floor plan on the third floor.  After staring at it blankly for a while I had the guy who had set it up come by, and he didn't have any idea why it was doing it either.  Grabbed a Revit 'guru', he managed to override something and make the floor plan show up (I don't know what he did exactly - but it doesn't matter because it's still not working properly).

Now when I try to insert a receptacle using the exact same family as the previous project, and host it to the wall in the exact same manner, I see what looks like an actual duplex receptacle sticking out from the wall, with the symbol kind of hovering out in space.  This is par for the fucking course for Revit - forcing me to be unproductive while I try to hunt down someone who can help me fix it.  I could spend the next month sifting through web sites, clicking on every thing I can think of to click on, and not get it any further down the road.

As I have said before - this ends up forcing me to rely on someone to un-fuck the piece of shit.  These are usually the same people who were throwing up their hands trying to figure out why I wouldn't move to Revit - and what the fuck do you know?  Now I'm part of TEAM REVIT and I'm getting FUCKED just like the rest of them.  As I have also said before - it would be one thing if I were only working on one project at a time, and had weeks or months to fiddle with every stupid thing that Revit decides to fuck up - but this is not the case.

Instead, I'm getting behind on that project, and have half a dozen idiots lined up to drag me back into projects that were completed months ago, but which have been heavily modified by the owner in the meantime, which somehow means that they are my emergency.

At any rate - as I always knew would happen if I made the mistake of agreeing to use Revit for anything, it is slowly forcing it's cock into my eyesocket.  This isn't a matter of attitude mind you - any more than it would be a matter of attitude if I shelled out a bunch of money for a new car, only to have it break down every time I tried to steer to the left or right.

This. Software. Is. Total. Shit.

Fuck Revit, fuck it's developers, and fuck it's cheerleader.

Fuck them three times - in rapid succession, with larger and larger spiked objects.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

More Revit Faceplant

Little project that I thought I could slap out in Revit is still around - ever changing.

It still looks like shit too - especially considering the amount of time I put into it, and have continued to put into it as change after change comes down the pike.

I'm having to cram more and more information into the drawing - which is typical.  My drawings start off with basic information, and become more and more dense (physically and metaphorically) with information until they are complete.

Being able to easily adjust and juggle things around is key to this process - I'm going to reiterate, so much of what I do on my drawings has nothing to do with electrical engineering.  I am attempting to turn out clear, easy to read drawings - and one of the things that makes this process difficult is that I am attempting to show symbols, text, etc. in rooms of various sizes - some of which have millwork, etc. in the way.

I attempt to not have anything overlap - and have developed many tricks over the years to keep my drawings from looking like shit, being confusing, difficult to read, etc. - I try not to squeeze text (too much), have twelve drawings to show what I can show on one or two, or have information spread out too far with leader lines strewn everywhere (all of these are things I've seen people have trouble with regardless of what software they use, but when you are doing it 'the Revit way' you get the Revit dick.

The 'bump' tool is cute - especially because I happened to run across a key piece of information - and that is pressing 'shift' while bumping with the arrow keys makes it jump in larger increments.  I know that a lot of people don't like the bump tool because they prefer to have everything in exact increments - of course, this is kind of difficult to do, since everything you stick into a drawing typically has to be entered, and then adjusted anyway.

What gets annoying is when you are trying to tweak something just a little bit, and it starts throwing up errors of varying meaninglessness because you moved something an inch past where it can comprehend that it is still attached.  Like a receptacle symbol that you try to squeeze into a small place - the receptacle itself fits - the symbol shouldn't give a fuck whether or not it is 'hosted' for fucks sake.


As always - fuck the people responsible for Revit, as well as every single person with the Revit dick wedged in their eye-sockets.

And as always - might as well make it 'fuck 'em twice' for good measure.