Friday, November 14, 2014


I had an epiphany this morning while pondering the sheer amount of shit that you have to set up in a Revit template, modify, tweak, adjust, etc. etc. once you've started a project, and then still have to insert more shit later in order to make it capable of even pretending to be able to be a useful engineering tool (while still remaining a huge roadblock to productivity and profitability).

It's that while individual Engineering firms, Engineers, Designers, etc. already know how to do the Engineering end of things - Revit is going to come along and dictate how you will do it.  Sure, you can hammer away at customizing your Revit setup, system of using it, and attempt to maintain a set of standards - but there are a number of things that for all means and purposes - if you want to do them your way?  You can go get fucked.

You are doing it the Revit way now, boy!!! Never mind if it doesn't make any fucking sense or doesn't actually accomplish the tasks you desperately fucking need it to.  It's developers have shown repeatedly that they only have a very basic understanding of the Electrical Engineering discipline, and yet they have the audacity to set arbitrary fucking standards and procedures about how that discipline will be practiced.

Most of the firms that have found themselves wallowing in Revit hell didn't do any research or have any actual criteria when they were determining what was going to be their BIM solution.  What they did have was trust in Autodesk from years of good ol' reliable ACAD.  They also (unbeknownst to them in most cases) had a number of employees who were ripe for conversion into Revitbots.

People that you could piss on, tell them it was raining - and they would believe you.  A bunch of sheep-eyed, slack-jawed followers and band-wagon jumpers that could be convinced to overlook a slew of what I hold are some of the most epic fucking failures in software development in history.

People used to discuss the pros and cons of ACAD and argue for their favorite CAD solutions (and even though programs like Microstation, Architectural Desktop, etc. were already in existence) but you didn't hear anything remotely like the level of disdain that Revitbots would heap on ACAD in the early days of the Revitlution.

If you weren't using it (or dared question it) you were labeled as some kind of 'holdout', and the comparisons of the people who resisted the conversion from paper to computer (What? you don't want to trust your drawings to this 286 with 4kb of RAM??? Here - slap the files on a box of 5-1/4" floppy disks!  What's the matter with these fucking dinosaurs?!?!?) were hurled at you.

It's like they thought they had found the next big thing (even though it wasn't them who found it), and they bought the sales-pitch, propaganda, and bullshit (and the built-in superiority complex that came with it) that Autodesk was selling hook line and sinker.

When confronted point blank - you could get most of them to snap the fuck out of it for a second, and admit that the shortcomings were in no short supply.  Wishlists started to be developed, the vast majority of which have not, and will most likely never be implemented into Revit (because like I always say - then they would have to admit that it was basic shit that they hadn't thought of, or didn't understand).

What they wouldn't do was stand the fuck up for themselves and demand better software - any attempt to point out the shortcomings or wishlist post would get torn to shreds by the 'True-Revit-Believers' because how dare you slander their precious Revit?!?  This required anyone attempting to broach the subject to make a statement (i.e. - Revit can't slope pipe), then immediately start backpedaling away from it as hard as possible.

That particular example was brought up early on - because (even though most plumbing engineers/designers wouldn't necessarily care about it), if you were being expected to 'Revit' (with no clear definition of what that meant), then at some point you were going to run into the necessity to show a piece of pipe somewhere, that if you model it in a straight line - it's going to look like it pops out of the ground or through a wall in the wrong fucking place, but if you try to slope the pipe, none of the fucking connectors can be attached to it anymore, thereby rendering any kind of 'intelligence' related to the flow of whatever is going through that pipe useless.

I said that most plumbing designers/mechanical engineers wouldn't really care (about either thing) because most (if not all) were still doing their calculations the old-fashioned way - and most continue to do so, because the day where an Engineer trusts a piece of software to not fuck them over because of some oversight on the part of the developer is still a LONG ways off in the future.  Sure - they might let it run some calcs, but I can guarantee that they will be double-checking them before putting their name anywhere the fuck near it.

Anyway, so someone dares to point out that Revit can't do this or that or whatever (take your pick - there is still plenty to go around) and if they don't immediately recite an oath of fealty to Revit and admit that their insignificant request for basic functionality was obviously out of line, then here come the Revshits spewing garbage and nonsense everywhere.

In the workplace, there have always been suck-ups, ass-kissers, and sanctimonious motherfuckers (c) who think nothing of throwing their fellow employees under the bus to make themselves look good - they measure their success by your failure.  They were already here too - but it wasn't until Revit came in the door that I witnessed these kind of people's ability to insert themselves entirely inside of management ass and start working the controls from within.

They were bound and determined to make sure we passed the point of no return as quickly as possible - the whole time talking about how 'this is the future' and working with other people to make sure that it would be the future by making it a requirement for certain types of work, rather than demand that it do what it is advertised to do, and stop fucking around.

People would have flocked to it no matter what - it was Autodesk's next big thing after all, but you would have seen an entirely different set of events play out in the meantime if more people would have been willing to speak up.  Now they've got countless firms (firmly) by the balls and they can squeeze as tight as they want.

Add to this that you can't ask for a refund (well, you could, but I can guarantee they would fight you tooth and nail), because there is no product to return - only a license.  A license that you apparently have to pay for PER RELEASE (meaning that if a user has to open both 2014 and 2015 Revit (which can happen for a number of reasons) they are pulling TWO licenses, not just one, and keeping other people out of it (I've seen a number of requests for people not using software to get out - but then again I also started keeping both open just to fuck with people too).

Add to this that you can't save back to older versions, and can't open older files without converting them - and HOLY FUCK, HOW IN THE FUCK HAVE THESE COCKSUCKERS MANAGED TO FUCKING PULL THIS OFF!?!?

Oh wait, that's right - just re-read this post...

Autodesk = Cocksucking Dicklickers.
Revit = Pure Unadulterated Cocksuckery
Revit Users = Cocksucking Motherfuckers

It's a fact jerkoff - and if you don't like it - GO AND FUCK YOURSELF REPEATEDLY.


-S. K. U. Double-LL FUCK!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

App Crapp

Anyone paying attention knows I complain a lot about how Revit sucks donkey balls, but it pales in comparison to the horrible programming that goes into various online or phone/tablet based 'apps' - up to, and including the ACAD app (which has apparently since morphed into Autodesk 360 - I have to admit, these people do stay fucking busy rearranging deck chairs).

While hunting around on the Google Play Store (I don't frequent the Apple store - fuck those people) I ran across what appears to be Autodesk's attempt at a sketchup style program called 'Formit'.  Pretty impressive for an app - but there are always going to be trade-offs, even if you let cloud computing do the heavy lifting for you.

I never used Sketchup (past just playing with it), and won't be using Formit (same) - at least not for work, since neither are intended to address the specific needs of the Electrical discipline, but it brings up an interesting point.

If Autodesk was really thinking from the perspective of an 'ecosystem' (see the Revitbot article I posted last time), they wouldn't be developing dozens of sets of software (although the other option would be to have Revit absorb all of them into one broken piece of shit).

While pondering the reasons that Revit users might be so dead-fucking-set on using it to fuck up every single project that comes through their door it it got me thinking about how few of the most hardcore ones have any real concept of how to approach the various complexities of their discipline.

For example - a Revit Monkey designs an Architectural model, and it can look 'perfect' with everything all detailed out, and the client can 'ooh' and 'ahh' and 'I think I just came' while looking at it, but it's not until someone with the correct mix of experience and institutional knowledge gets a look at it that the cracks in the facade start to show.

The vast majority of Revitbots have never seen a building built - and almost none have had any actual experience building anything past scale models (if even that).  The fact is - they are dependent on Revit to hold their hand through an extremely complex and detailed process.  I, on the other hand, am not dependent on any piece of software to either help me engineer or design construction documents.

We had our server up and eat itself yesterday (and took down all of our Autodesk software with it).  I opened up Visual, whipped out a file that I had in my e-mail, started doing photometric layouts, and didn't miss a fucking lick while they got the server back online (only to have it promptly fail again).  I tend to blame Revit for everything, but there is no fucking way that all of the massive bloated files it generates and then requires constant synchronization (even before you get to auto-saves - and remember 2015 defaults to 15 fucking auto-saves, each one taking up as much room as your main model) aren't contributing heavily to the problems.

Now - even to work in ACAD, I am dependent on a functioning computer, license server, file server, and network to have my shit work correctly.  Imagine the day I get to add an internet connection, cloud storage/processing, etc. into the mix.  Any time any one of those were to have a glitch, it has Reviteers sitting on their asses until everything is corrected (and then for another 15-30 minutes while they get their files back up and synced).

Then take the whole fucking mess, and make it hinge on an web application operating properly - 100% of the fucking time.  If it is browser based, the browser OR servers on the other end can crash, if it is cloud hosted - who the fuck even knows what the fuck is going on at any given point in time?  I haven't quite grasped how people can trust their incredibly important shit to technology that note a SINGLE FUCKING ONE OF THEM even knows the first thing about.

Since Revit is already such a laggy piece of shit, it can be difficult to tell when it starts taking a serious crap.  I've thought I was doing something wrong on more than one occasion, only to find out that it was Revit diddling itself - with no indication as to what it is doing at any given point in time (like the ACAD text window does).

I really do hate to tell all of the Revit dreamers out there to get their fucking heads out of the clouds (rimshot) and back down here on the ground where shit needs to get done.  Their faces always change to quizzical expressions 'why you no Revit?'

What I don't mind doing is telling them to go fuck themselves, along with Autodesk, and anyone propagating the Revit machine.

Fuck all of them - twice.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Is Revit Dead?

Bonjour Motherfuckers.

I think I'm going to wait a little while before I weigh in on Revit Sundial (these people could fuck up a sundial) because I haven't been able to ascertain whether it is being floated as the replacement for regular computer based Revit, or if it will just be a cloud hosted option.  I'll be researching both that, and any other dildos that Autodesk might be inclined to force down in the industries throat - if anyone has any more solid information regarding Sundial, feel free to post in the comments.

In the meantime I just happened to run across this guy's article (I was digging through a few, but I keep running into that problem of 90% of content/message board conversations/etc. on the web related to Revit being at least 4-5 years old, most of it appearing to center around 2011):

He is reassuring his fellow Revitbots that, yes, the sparkle ponies and rainbows shooting out of your ass are STILL out on there on the horizon - somewhere (along with 'infinite computing' which will be necessary to handle the bloated shitware they keep cranking out), and in the meantime they should relax, because Autodesk is, quote: 'in it for the long haul'.  Yes ladies and gentlemen - Autodesk has it's sites set on the next generation (you know, the one that spends all it's time staring at smart phones).

Oh wait - he already made an analogy about i-phones replacing computers (even though they haven't).  Hell - why the fuck not just have Revit on your phone? (I certainly have ACAD on mine), then you don't have to stop twatting, facebooking, or otherwise vining your snapchats in order to be bothered to do your fucking job.

He is trying to touch on a broad subject of 'what's next', so he does tend to jump from topic to topic - talking about a Revit 'ecosystem' (read: clusterfuck) one minute, and another reveling about the 'end' of the exclusive focus on Windows based programs, forgetting (again) that you need one MOTHERFUCKER of a machine to run Revit (and it is still fucking unstable).  The idea that a cloud-hosted app is going to be able to function seamlessly - and not end up fucking you so far into a hole in the ground that you will beg for death is a fucking myth at this point, and will continue to be so for some time into the future.

Oh - people will do it.  Just like they get sucked into every other ignorant fucking thing that comes along claiming to be 'the new shit'.  They will ignore real innovation in exchange for over-simplified and dumbed down garbage aimed at the lowest common denominator.  I think it was George Carlin (RIP) who said 'Think about how stupid the average person is - now consider that half of people are stupider than that'.

I'll jump track for just a second to re-iterate my honest opinion that the vast majority of technological 'innovations' and the products that they spawn are a fucking joke.  What's happened is that people have fallen for the fucking advertisements and the 'thrill' of getting to shell out their money for poorly designed, cheaply made crap that espouses the 'planned obsolescence' philosophy.

I'm no fucking luddite - I'm just sick and fucking tired of listening to people hold forth on the topic of 'technology' when they don't know ANYTHING about that technology.  They will speculate wildly and make uneducated observations about what it 'could' do (rather than what it is *supposed* to do).  The reality is that Autodesk doesn't give a shit about forwarding any of the various concepts this guy talks about - they ONLY GIVE A FUCK ABOUT MAKING MONEY.

It would seem to be in their best interest to do whatever is necessary to make people happy so they will purchase their product - but they've broken the fucking system.  The vast majority of Revit users don't buy or choose to use Revit (even the ones who claim to love getting fucked in the ass by it).  It gets handed down from above.  Autodesk could give a fuck if Revit users are happy and productive - as long as they keep raking in that MOTHERFUCKING CASH.

The Revitbots have deluded themselves into thinking that this is the be-all, end-all - read through the comments on that page and you will see a few attempts at speaking logic to dumbfuckery - but this guy does the same kind of shit that all brainwashed Revit hive-mind pieces of shit do, which is to claim that Revit is going to make huge advances in the next version, while simultaneously withholding his opinion on whether or not it will have 'value' until it is released and ignoring the track record.

I will give him credit for acknowledging that the MEP portion of Revit (which came along later) is less developed than the Architectural version.  I can guarantee he doesn't actually know what he means when he says that (see: 'wild speculations' and 'uneducated observations), or how it might affect the disciplines that he is dragging into the 'future'.

The future of Revit is unwritten, but unless people get their heads out of their asses and start demanding real advancements, fixes, stability, and (most of all) INTUITIVE INTERFACES -  and refuse to settle for bullshit placation, it will continue down the road to hell (paved, as always, with the best intentions).

I just happened to run across this - kudos to

It perfectly represents the Revit experience, mentality, and end result of allowing a motherfucking two-bit software company to dictate how the fuck you do your goddamned job.

Fuck Autodesk, Fuck Revit, Fuck Revitbots, and if you don't like it - you can take a motherfucking step out that door bitch!!! (You don't have to worry though - the spikes were designed in Revit, so they probably won't work).