Thursday, December 12, 2013

Autodick Revshit

So there I am, actually using Revit - and it's behaving itself for a change (still sucking ass, but at least pretending to be a functional set of software).

I'm even making some headway on the fucked up mess of a project that I'm having to put several others on hold to do - and it makes it all the way to 4:00 before taking a gigantic shit on me.

I'm almost completely done (with what I could've had done before lunch - although aspects of the project are *almost* equally to blame for that), finally on the home stretch, with light at the end of the tunnel.

And then, like the useless half-ass piece of shit that it is, it won't let me circuit the fucking lights (for no reason).  I can select any one light and connect it to a panel, but it won't let me add any more fixtures to the same circuit (and isn't displaying correctly on the schedule - but I could've worked around that).

I pondered just filling up several panels with one light on each circuit, but I somehow stop short of saying 'fuck it' (although I did say 'fuck' a lot) and slapping a coat of bimwash on it, and (against my better judgement) decided to ask around if anyone knows what the fuck is going on.

Now, I've had this godforsaken software fuck me over in just about every way imaginable, but this is the first time for this particular problem.  Two of us sit down and try every possible thing we can think of to no avail - both of us wasting well over an hour before calling it a day.

I am sending the bitches at Autodesk a fucking bill - I can't even imagine the obscene amount of wasted time that the Revit community has amassed during its existence, although I'm sure it has canceled out any supposed time 'saved'.

Even if people aren't directly wasting their time banging their head into yet another wall that Revit tosses in their path, there seems to be a tendency for users to sit around just staring blankly at their screens, or mindlessly panning/zooming/rotating the model.

While we were trying to find some kind if logic for this latest epic failure of Revit to simply DO WHAT THE FUCK I NEED IT TO DO we tossed out just about every possibility, and were to the point of assuming there was something wrong with the file, when it occurred to me that before it had taken a shit, I had been able to circuit the exterior lights with no problem (other than not showing up on the schedule correctly, but again - I can work around that).

It is my hope that by taking this fixture and modifying its geometry, I can slap something together that is passable, and then get back to figuring out how to get two whole other projects done - fortunately for those I have software that I know won't fuck me over.

I was flipping through a couple of message boards filled to the brim with Revit haters (i.e. - realists), including some on the Autodesk site.  The last post was from last year, and it was surprising that they hadn't been moderated, because they weren't pulling any punches.

A recurring topic (besides how mind-numbingly bad Revit is) was how Architects tended to bully Engineers into using Revit - which matches my (and the vast majority of other users) experience.

I'll dig up a few of these next time and compare/contrast different people's attitudes towards having shitty software force-fed to them.

Until then, Revit can eat a dick, and its fans/cheerleaders can eat a whole bag (each).

Skullfuck out.

Down in a Revit Hole

It's comical listening to someone hold forth on the benefits of Revit, and in the same breath complain about not having a day off for over two weeks (or in the foreseeable future), or having a day where they aren't plugging away at the Revit grindstone for 12+ hours).

While I'm sure it's great to get massive overtime, it isn't helping their physical or mental well-being, and it sure as fuck isn't helping the bottom line.  It isn't the amount of work they are doing that is keeping them here, since their production is roughly the same as when they were using ACAD (although getting them to admit it is a whole other trick), it's all of the extra time and effort they are spending finding yet another 'workaround'.

I've been fortunate to be able to avoid Revit on every single project that I'm working on right now, except one.  And it's a motherfucker.

Even if it were being done in ACAD, it would be a motherfucker, but at least I wouldn't be fighting two battles. Even if I were the UberReviteer it would be a motherfucker because it's a total clusterfuck.  The project manager is highly intelligent, but in outer space, and it's not just one project, but half a dozen, none of which have any clearly defined scope, and of course schedules are vague - until 'OMFG I GOTTA HAVE IT RIGHT NOW!!!! WHY AREN'T YOU DONE?!?!!?!? YOU SAID YOU WOULD BE DONE!?!?! (actually I didn't tell you  anything of the sort - and you fucking know it).

The saddest part is that I can guarantee the customer doesn't even have the first clue that it's being done in Revit (or what that actually means even if they do).  To them it's just a stack of 2D sheets of paper that they can mark endlessly on, not realizing that we can no longer just slap some shit together on it (well, we can - but then people get butthurt about 'bimwashing').

Fuck this project, and fuck everyone gleefully plugging away at it 14 hours a day for no gain, and no profit.  I could export it into ACAD and be done with the bulk of it by the end of the day (so that I can jump on the other two projects that I'm supposed to have basically completed by tomorrow) but instead, I'm going to waste most of the day dicking around with a useless piece of shit program.

Fuck Revit, Fuck Autodesk, and (as always) if you don't like it - then FUCK YOU.

Mr. Skullfuck Esq.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Revit Russian Roulette

Using Revit is the equivalent of putting a loaded gun to your head and pulling the trigger.

The problem is that the gun is not a revolver with only one bullet, but instead a semi-automatic pistol that already has a round in the chamber, guaranteeing that you will not only blow your own head off (and probably manage to clip someones arm or leg with the ricochet), but the survivors will be responsible for cleaning up the fucking mess that you left behind.

I get handed a project, told 'this has to be done in Revit', but the fee is microscopic.  'Oh - these will be prototypes - so we'll make our money back later' is the Revitards response.  The problem is that not only are they NOT prototypes (each one going into a differently shaped building) there's really no such thing as a 'Revit Prototype'.

You will be doing this shit, from scratch, every single fucking time.  With equally retarded schedules, none of the information you repeatedly request, and no money to take a trip out to the site to see if the shitty fucking building they are trying to cram it into even has capacity for it.

People are amazing with how willing they are to assume that things will 'just work', despite repeatedly running into major problems that could have been avoided by asking some fairly basic questions at the beginning of a project - of course, since they were busy setting up the project in Revit, and making assumption after assumption in order to pound a passable (albeit still extremely shitty looking) set of drawings, they couldn't be bothered with 'details'.