Monday, November 16, 2015

Skullfucked No More

At long last - I have bid a fond farewell to all things Revit.

Despite what so many foolishly deluded Revitards had claimed - there is a whole world existing outside of the Revit hellscape of missed deadlines, budget overruns, and lost profits.  I can still see their hollow eyes, hear the echoes of their false promises of productivity and coordination.  What I enjoyed most after I left were several interviews with other firms that were struggling to come to grips with the 'reality' that the Revit Elite were driving the whole fucking train off the tracks and into a ravine.

I had always wondered how in the fuck independent engineering firms were faring - considering Revit's lack of backwards compatibility, the sizes of the files they were having to get from architectural firms, and how much of a fuck-around linked files were - even within the same firm, much less when people are basically operating totally disconnected from each other until files get transferred back and forth.

The answer is - they are totally fucked.

One firm did primarily government facilities - which, as I've mentioned before, were the target of an end-run on the part of Autodesk around the design community to get Revit (or BIM at least) required for all projects.  I listened as they related all of the problems they had trying to change over from tried and true methods and standards to the unholy shitfest that Revit brings to the table.  They were basically seeking a 'Revit Guru' to save them - and probably still are, because I said 'fuck that shit'.

Another was a smaller-scale firm that was hemorrhaging money attempting to keep up with the Revit Joneses - I interviewed with them literally just for my own amusement.  Even with my complete lack of fucks given towards it, I probably could have landed a job simply by having Revit on my resume, because despite all of the self-proclaimed Revit wizards out there, trying to staff entire offices with people who can actually produce anything reliably with it is proving to be more than a little challenging.

Fortunately, I was in a position where I could relax for a few months - and then pick and choose what I wanted to do next.  The firm I landed at has nothing to do with Revit (and will continue to be Revit free) as they are outside of the shithole world that commercial/industrial building design has degraded into thanks to Autodesk's army of asshats.  The topic of Revit came up briefly at my interview (I had it on my resume - mostly as a joke), and we all shared laughter at the idea that the industry was force-feeding a set of jury-rigged non-backwards compatible set of software onto designers and engineers.

Now I am back to actually applying my skills and experience to engineering, rather than listening to the Revit choir sing off-key - and I couldn't be happier.  I'm sure I'll still post from time to time to wrap up a few loose ends, excoriate the deluded, and to put smiles on the faces of those still in the trenches fighting the good fight.

Fuck Revit To Pieces!

-The Ex-Skullfuck