Tuesday, September 16, 2014

2015 Revit Just Doesn't Give A Shit

From the splash screen - which didn't change at all (the text is a little bolder), and still shows some kind of amorphous pile of shit (which is what Revit turns every single project into), to the shitty 'Ribbon', to the pointlessly obtuse processes necessary to complete even the most basic tasks - the good folks at Autodesk have once again managed to convey their utter contempt for anyone tasked with using their under-developed bloatware.

While listening to the same bullshit claims, empty promises, and outright disregard for reality on yet another project wallowing in Revit hell - the reasons for reluctance to make any significant changes were clear.

I always mention that it would be an admission of massive glaring oversights in the first place - and, of course, the fact that they hindered themselves greatly by purchasing 3rd party software - rather than develop something themselves - but at this point the fact is - they can't change it, or it wouldn't be Revit anymore.

The Reviteers would revolt - as they have carefully manipulated their workplaces to reduce productivity, eliminate communication, and propagate a circle-jerk of epic proportions - all while preaching that that total allegiance to Revit is the only way.

If Autodesk started giving a shit - and sent someone outside of the Revit hive-mind to go through even a fraction of the many, many, many lists of requests that they have received for much needed improvements and honest assessments of its shortcomings - they would be appalled at how little this 'tool' resembles what the industry it has been foisted on requires to get the job done.

They might demand a complete overhaul - and at that point that person would get shouted down by both Autodesk (who has proven it doesn't want to spend any real time or money developing this software further - see 'sketchy lines'), and Revitbots who have adapted to burning massive amounts of profit and not giving a shit.

Fuck 'Em.

And (as always) if you are on-board with Revit, or are otherwise too fucking stupid and out-of-touch with reality to understand why it is a cancer on this industry - then Fuck You.



Next Time: Will There Be A Next Time!?!? 

Stay Tuned To Find Out!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Upgrade Raid

It's that time again!

Time for everyone to start randomly opening files in the newest version of Revit and converting them without any regard for how badly it will fuck everyone else over.  I'm fortunate to at least be in the same office as these douchebag fucks - so if they upgrade, I get to upgrade (although I was still left installing 2015 in the middle of the day because a project I needed to work on had been converted), then someone converted a file that needed to stay in 2014 Revit because another firm that had not yet upgraded could access it.

This underlined an important point - one that should get someone at Autodesk drawn and quartered, if you are an MEP firm, etc., working for an Architectural firm that keeps upgrading to the newest version of Revit, then YOU get to shell out the cash to upgrade to the newest version of Revit as well, since it can't be converted or saved back to previous versions - and while I've read and heard dozens of excuses about how 'Revit changes so much that it's just not possible', I call bullshit.

Bull Fucking Shit.

Autodesk knows that the gimpy motherfuckers at architectural firms will want the latest and greatest Revshit, and are most likely on a subscription basis (so they will get it whether they want it or not), and that will FORCE the rest of the industry to fall in line and result in massive profits.  This is after those same firms were forced into using Revit in the first place (besides the exorbitant cost of licenses - they also had to upgrade machines, server/network infrastructure, find training, lose productivity, etc. etc.) only now to find their eyesockets permanently affixed to the Revit dick.

From a larger firm's point of view, this is a good thing, because they were robust enough (at least in theory) to make the switch (even in a down economy) and knew that smaller firms were going to be crushed (even if they jumped on the Revit dick with both cheeks spread wide open).  Every year sees more and more firms being forced into switching over, underlining yet another important point - if this software actually benefited anyone, then all but the most hardcore holdouts would have been on-board with it from day one.

Revitbots will claim that people are 'clinging to outdated blah blah' while they steer the ship headlong into the rocks, dragging all of the firms they strapped to the hull across the barnacles, ripping skin, muscle, and bone apart, before finally tearing into the hull, and sinking the ship.

And as they go down for the last time - you will hear them say 'Don't worry (glug glug) - they'll fix this (glug glug) in the next release....'

Fuck every release of Revit since Autodesk aquired it, and fuck every release they shit out in the future.  And if you don't like it - GET FUCKED.

-The Cranium Copulator

Err Apparent

I was browsing a few older posts, and was amused by an early one where I mentioned that repeated attempts at initiating a productive dialog with Autodesk in regards to functionality that seemed to have been overlooked had been unsuccessful in prompting any response - until I started flaming them.

This is apparently the only way to get their attention - as Mr. Lobel responded in record time to my post eviscerating him for playing coy with Revit designers about fixes/features (that he could not discuss) and then chastising them for complaining about not getting enough fixes/features.

He mentions that some people are allowed into the 9th Circle of Revit Development Hell if they sign a non-disclosure agreement, and are thereby privy to the latest and greatest 'improvements' to Revit before the rest of the unwashed design community.

I don't think it's too much of a stretch to assume that these people are a large part of the problem - I'm sure they have to be 125% sold on Revit in order to garner this kind of special treatment, so it would follow that they are the absolute last people who should be critiquing it (too many complaints and they might fall out of favor with Autodesk) before release.

They are, in short, a bunch of suck-ups, and Sanctimonious Motherfuckers (c), and we've already discussed how that works.

Within the scientific community, if you think you have made a new discovery, or improved upon an existing theory - then you publish your findings and allow others to tear it to shreds trying to disprove it.  You don't just show your work to people you know will agree with you, or who will be hesitant to point out glaring errors - that's how you end up with pseudo-science.

If you want a real, honest, no-punches-pulled assessment of your work - you look at your worst critics are saying.  You don't dwell on the negative, and you have to be able to discern between the ones who are critiquing it to feed their own egos and the ones who are giving you constructive criticism.

Autodesk has chosen to take the pseudo-science approach - which shouldn't come as a surprise, considering all of the other similarities between Reviteers and brainwashed cult members (except that the Reviteers think that by joking about it, they are somehow immune to the reality that they are, indeed, brainwashed cult members).

Fuck all brainwashed cult members.

Fuck Revit, Fuck Autodesk, and if you don't like it Have A Nice Fuckin' Day!!!