Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Revit's Gonna Do What A Revit's Gonna Do

The bitch-ass little pieces of shit responsible for foisting this clusterfuck on the industry need to choke on their own dicks.

I've wasted valuable time, mental energy, and most important PRODUCTIVITY just staring at this fucked up fuckery time and again as it refuses to do what I tell it (and desperately need it) to do.  I finally threw up my hands earlier and went outside to stare murder holes in trees, and when I came back and went through *exactly the same process* it finally decided to magically work.

Walking away from a problem and coming back to it after relaxing for a minute is often a good idea - the problem was the whole time I was away I was fuming, not relaxing.  The fact that it suddenly decided to change it's mind while I was doing so makes me even fucking madder, because I should have completed the task in seconds, and been on to the other dozens of tasks I need to complete (before moving on to the next project, and the next one, and the next one).

It has fucked up my schedule - but worse, it has taken away any ability I have to give a shit.  Even now that I've made 'progress', the next morning/afternoon or whole day of time wasted is just around the next corner.  I can ask other people for help - if I want help staring at it and mumbling 'yeah - that should work'.  I can look up solutions online (if I want to change from fuming to flat out stabbing milquetoast Revit dick sucking motherfuckers in the jugular), or I can just say 'fuck it' and do what the fuck ever.

So 'fuck it' - and I'm doing what the fuck ever.

Stay tuned for next time - my 100th post, wherein I decapitate a Revit Junkie and put their fucking head on a pole outside my goddamned office as a warning to anyone else who might think they can fuck with me and live.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Revit Users Are All Fucking Faggots

The sheer amount of suck being generated on a daily basis by Revit users is incalculable.

I blame myself for some of it - I should have never allowed thing to get this fucking far without tearing someone's limbs off (how are you going to Revit WITHOUT ANY FUCKING ARMS BITCH!?!?)

The half-ass process that has had to be cobbled together based on the arbitrary limitations of Revit would be comical to watch, if it were not being presented as a competent solution (or causing me to get sucked into it).  As with the problem of not fixing things because you have to admit they were broken, no thought is being put towards correcting what is seen as the 'ultimate solution'.

Nobody is so deluded as to claim that it is perfect - and you can get even the most hardened Reviteer to start listing off gripes about it (before they break the pedals off trying to move back from any statement that might be seen as dissent).

Listening to someone tout a piece of software as the 'ultimate solution', while simultaneously clinging to the hope that it will 'get better' (and getting kicked in the fucking teeth over and over each time a release fails to address even the most basic functionality) is the same as listening to a kidnap victim who has identified with their captor.

Only in this case, they are steering the whole ship into the rocks to protect who they have come to see as their protector, benefactor, etc. - without seeing that their captor is only interested in using them to generate profits for a company that has a vested interest in (and has storied history of) selling obscenely overpriced design software to unsuspecting customers that is rife with problems.

Why should Autodesk fix anything?  Nobody is willing to hold their feet to the fire - and money keeps pouring in so fast they might as well be printing it.  The only problem is that if Autodesk attempted to print money, they would insist that it be done in 3d, but the view range would be fucked up so you wouldn't be able to see half of the lines - and the text would be jumbled.

Fuck Autodesk, Fuck Reviteers, and if you don't like it - FUCK YOU.