Friday, January 31, 2014


So I'm sitting there (again) trying to figure out why the fuck a goddamned panel won't let me re-host it onto another wall when I run across this from roughly one year ago:

Apparently it's a known problem (would've been nice to know about) that Revit won't allow you to move a panelboard when it reaches a certain amount of circuits attached to it.

What the entire fuck?

My favorite post in the whole thing was this one:

"When we contacted Revit (I assume they mean Autodesk) about this problem we were asked the question: "Why would you want to move a panel after circuits have been connected?"

Now that is one motherfucking half-ass response right there - the kind of clueless bullshit that I've come to expect from AutoDicks:  'Why would you want to do this thing that you need to do so that you can get your project done and make money, instead of fucking off for half a day just trying to get ONE SIMPLE FUCKING PANEL TO MOVE?!?!?'

One guy claims to have 'made a macro' to migrate circuits to another panel - but when asked about it, does not reply - so he is either:

a) playing it close to the chest


b) full of shit

I'm leaning towards the latter since RevitBots, RevitTrainers and AutoDick Personnel (a disturbing number of whom are woefully unaware that this is not a fucking game) tend to be brimming with it.

Then - one of the posters mentions that 'instructors don't know everything' and that they should just admit they don't know (in reference to blaming something the architect did on why the panel won't re-host).

This is a good point - however it fails to take into account that (especially considering the cost, and at this point in the game) SIMPLE FUCKING SHIT LIKE THIS NEEDS TO WORK - EVERY FUCKING TIME, WITHOUT FAIL, NO FUCKING EXCUSES GODDAMMIT.

It also overlooks the fact that nearly 100% of the time when I have to move a panel, it IS because of something the architect did - if nothing else, failing to give a shit until it became a major issue).

An update on the post claims that '2014 fixes this problem' (which isn't true as far as I can tell), and someone else 'clarifies that panels put into the project in 2013 will still not work', meaning that you would have to un-circuit, insert a new panel, then re-circuit (if that even works).

In ACAD I can move a panel anywhere in the project in less than a second.

Fuck Revit.

Fuck the Dumb Shit.

And if you don't like the way ACAD rolls then eat up on a DICK!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Revit 2014 WTF!?!? 13 Year Retrospective

I was tripping through the internet one day, when I ran across this fucking guy:

The row of Imperial AT-ATs at the top of his page make it pretty clear how this guy thinks 'solutions' should be implemented - and he's got the same rhetorical arguments, dismissive attitude, and lack of concern to make both his Imperial Masters at Autodesk (and his fellow BIM-Troopers) proud!

<The Revit community says who gives a stuff when it has the majority of the market share>

 EXACTLY!  This guy couldn't have described the attitude of AutoDarth and BIM-Troopers better if he tried - step one: get the market share, step two 'who fucking cares?!?!' (cue breathing machine).

<passionate users of both camps spend hours defending their beloved solutions on social media like it’s some sort of life or death affair>

Gee - I wonder why?  Oh wait - it's because these peoples 'beloved solutions' keep profits high, their companies in business, and their families fed.  IT IS A LIFE OR DEATH AFFAIR FUCKFACE!!!

I've only got one thing to say to Mr. David Light - and that is "FUCK YOUR REV-AT-ATs!!!"

Speaking of that new Revit logo - why does it suddenly look so familiar?

Holy Fucking Shit...

Skulllfuck out...

<drops mic>