Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Revit Power Distribution

Okay - so I go to put some fucking panels into a goddamned project.

I've got a metric FUCKTON of panel families - the ones that came with Revit, every major manufacturer of panelboards (Square D, Siemens, Cutler Hammer, etc.) makes Revit families.  Almost none of them work correctly in Revit.  Some attach correctly (assuming your architect hasn't fucked something up), some don't, and some have all kinds glitches and shit.

Why not just one fucking panelboard family?

One family that has the ability to specify voltage, amps, MB/MLO, number of spaces, whether it is a branch circuit panel or distribution panel, recessed/surface - instead of a goddamned library of bullshit.

Why the fuck not?

Oh - that's right.  Revit.

Fuck Revit.

Monday, February 25, 2013

No Talking Sense To Autodesk

I've given up any hope of talking sense to the FUCKTARDED MOTHERFUCKERS at Autodesk.  I remember the first time I sent them a message, I was respectful, courteous, and laid out a few questions/concerns I had when it came to (a fairly early version) of Revit MEP.  It was completely ignored.

Then I sent them a message telling them exactly what the fuck I thought of their cunt fuck shit goddammit fuck cocksucking faggot fuck shit fuck, Fuck, (FUUUCK!!!!), and received a response 'we understand your frustration - but keep in mind that there are people on this end.. blah blah fucking blah.

I made sure to double the fucks, add a few extra shits, cocksuckers, motherfuckers, and suggested a few things that their mother could do to my cock (for good measure) in the next message (obviously I received no response.

Now - every time I start trying to flame them, I give up within a few seconds because there are no words for the kind of ineptitude, inbreeding, and general fucktardedness displayed by the developers of Revit MEP.  It's no longer cathartic, or enjoyable, because it feels like kicking a retarded dog in the head for drooling (except that the dog has more functioning brain cells - and only licks it's own balls).

Fuck Autodesk, Fuck Revit MEP, Fuck it's cheerleaders, and if you disagree with me - fuck you (especially if you don't do what I do).

Friday, February 15, 2013




How the fuck is this bullshit program supposed to help anyone coordinate when nobody knows what the fuck anyone else is doing at any given time?

If someone saves, and there are substantial changes - I WANNA FUCKING KNOW ABOUT IT GODDAMMIT.

If someone makes a change - and it's something that is GUARANTEED TO FUCKING AFFECT EVERYONE, then they need to make sure to SAVE THAT FUCKING CHANGE, and then there still needs to be a way for me to FUCKING KNOW ABOUT IT.

The reloading links process takes about as fucking long as the goddamned projects take to load - and the projects I'm working on have been set up by half a dozen different people (of varying levels of Revit competency) with a half-dozen cross-linked files and garbage (obviously not Revit's fault - but that would make it the ONLY thing that isn't Revit's fault).

The fact that this software is still so half-assed for basic tasks (I DON'T GIVE A FUCK IF IT CAN RENDER A STAIRWAY RAILING IN STUNNING HD - I NEED IT TO MOTHERFUCKING GENERATE CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS!!!! NOW!!!! FUCKING YESTERDAY!!!! GODDAMIT!!!!) - even after nearly a DECADE of pathetic 'updates' and patchwork 'fixes' and 'work-arounds' makes me want to VOMIT BILE ON THE MOTHERFUCKERS RESPONSIBLE, not to mention the people still cheerleading it's continued use.

It stinks like an open fucking sewer, and people keep jumping in and telling me 'the waters fine'.  The water's not fine you stupid fucks - the water is FILLED WITH SHIT!!!  It was filled with shit when you stupid fucktards got in, and now it's only getting more densely packed with your own shit.

There is no way to describe how much BULLSHIT I have endured over the last couple of years due to this incompetent fucking software and it's equally incompetent implementation.  I resisted as long as I could, but slowly started getting sucked down into the fucking sewer with everyone else.

I predicted the clusterfuck that would ensue when Architects were allowed to stop being responsible for keeping a set of ACAD files maintained (when working in CAD) or updated (when working in Revit).  And it has been a clusterfuck indeed.

 The Revit model represents a floating target - the absolute bane of any engineer, designer, or anyone else who is required to coordinate with the project.

It's fucked, and getting worse.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Revit Can Eat A Bag Of Dicks

So here we go 'coordinating' with Revshit - the worst fucking waste of time, money, productivity, mental energy, and best stress generating, schedule delaying, budget blowing, quagmire generator.

This program can't do anything without it degrading into a sadistic game of chasing around stupid problem after stupid problem - none of which have anything to do with Electrical Engineering, design - and everything to do with Autodesk making a pathetic attempt at quantifying the complexities involved in the design process.

Part of what the Revit cheerleaders who have attempted to pressure or humiliate me since it's inception don"t know (I've mentioned it here before) is that I come from an extremely diverse technical background - computer hardware, software, industrial process automation, multi-axis plasma cutters & high-speed routers.  Board level circuit design, assembly, testing, & repair.  Network design, installation, & optimization.

And that's all before you get to my knowledge and abilities when it comes to diagnosing/repairing and upgrading cars/trucks (classic and modern), motorcycles, nearly any kind of machine, electronics, or electrical and mechanical equipment - including guitars/amps/vintage synths/organs, computers, televisions, devices, and tools.

I did (and still do) all of that while having spent over a decade designing electrical distribution systems, site and interior lighting, communications, and fire alarm systems for all manner of commercial, industrial, medical, religious, educational, entertainment and sports venues, and other types of projects (over 500 individual projects) - all of which have required me to coordinate with architects, engineers, utilities, codes officials, equipment suppliers, factory reps, developers, contractors, leasing agents, and of course - the owners of the buildings we are designing.

I have a long record of cranking out impossiible to comprehend (for the average person) sets of schematics and plans on impossibly short schedules.  It requires me to have tools that don't fuck with me.

Instantaneous access, manipulation, and total control over the environment is essential - otherwise I might as well be pissing in the wind.

Or having Revit shit on me.

Why the fuck can't Revit cancel anything?

Ok, so I'm linking in a Revit file, and of course you apparently can't set the goddamned thing to default to 'origin to origin' despite that being THE ONLY FUCKING WAY THAT I EVER WANT TO INSERT SOMETHING, so I click 'open' without changing it, realize my mistake, but instead of being able to hit 'cancel' so I can fix it, I have to wait while it loads it incorrectly, undo it, and start over.

I've got one project done in Revit, a huge one that I should be working on, but another one about the size of the first popped up and needs to be done first.  All three are in the same building, on the same floor, but none of them will fucking import correctly.  My views are fucked up, shit won't insert properly, it's basically just as fucked up as the day I first had this shit loaded on  my fucking computer.

I've wasted HOURS with several different office Revit gurus trying to fix it, to no avail.  I am just going to work around it, and do what the fuck ever I have to do to make the fucking thing spit out some fucking 2d plans (strangely enough the ceilings seem to work fine).  It will take way longer than to simply CAD the thing up, but apparently things like 'productivity', 'profits', and 'schedules' can get fucked once we accept the Revit cock into our eyesockets.

If I had a Revit developer, marketer, or other Revit cheerleader from Autodesk here right now, I would punch that motherfucker into adult diapers.

Fuck Revit.