Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Post-Revit World

Fuck the sad piece of shit that is Revit.

Fuck it's inability to do anything except for waste time, money, mental effort, and fuck up project schedules.

Nothing is more infuriating than watching someone - be they architect, architect lackey, engineer, or designer go into a project all gung-ho about doing them some revitin', and the next thing you know, someones hair is on fire for it (and/or another project that is languishing in a similar hell).

They aren't done, and don't have a chance of being done.  Fuck, they aren't even to a point where 'done' is a real thing yet - they still have so much to do, and it is all going to be done 'the Revit way' (as opposed to the right way.

The look of suffering in the eyes of the lackeys and designers would break your heart if they didn't already want to make you break their faces for having already willingly spent countless hours in Revit, only to find out that now they need to finish on a schedule that is has been cut in half (or more).

Fortunately for the ones that claim to love Revit, they'll get to love it all weekend.

Fuck 'em.


  1. Funny writing dude! Thanks for the laughs :D
    Though I don't use Revit, I use 3DS MAX from time to time,
    so I hate Autodesk just the same, greedy bastards!

    Good luck!