Friday, February 14, 2014

Revit: For Cunts, By Cunts

Fuck every single motherfucking cunt at Autodesk responsible for this half-ass piece of shit.  Fuck Autodesk for allowing this kind of shit to go out their door.

Fuck every single motherfucking cunt USING this half-ass piece of shit instead of demanding functional software that doesn't require spending hours, days, weeks, or even months to accomplish what could be done in seconds, minutes, or hours (at the most).

Fuck Revit's inability to do even the most basic tasks without dinging, throwing up meaningless and/or nonsensical error messages, or otherwise wasting time, mental energy, and causing stress and frustration.


You've been sold a bill of goods by a company that doesn't give a fuck as long as it keeps raking in profits.

Speaking of profits - remember those?

It's what software tools are supposed to help you maximize - you aren't supposed to be shelling out obscene amounts of money to make your work more difficult to complete.

Come the fuck at me bitches and cunts - I've shove your fucking BIM so far up your ass you'll be tasting wall-based families for a week.

Gag on your own fucking shit.

That is all.


  1. useful collection of revit related links. bookmarked!

  2. These blogs are funny as hell, keep'em coming. I can't stand Revit fucktards. I gave this piece of shit software a fair chance, and after a year of headaches, I've found Revit to be pretty fucking useless... for MEP engineers anyway. Who the fuck knows what goes on in an Architects head.

  3. Truer words were never spoken 'Who the fuck knows what goes on in an Architects head?'

    Whatever it is, I'm willing to be it's over budget and behind schedule!

  4. The same type of complete chaos you chronicle is happening in Architects' offices because of Revit. The last big project we did with ACAD, the younger people seemed incapable of running a change all the way through a set of drawings -- move some walls and doors around, and you need to make the change everyplace it occurs -- the sections, elevations, details, schedules and various incarnations of the plan view -- floor plan, finish plan, reflected ceiling, etc. Their point was that, if we were using Revit it would be linked and update everyplace automatically! It looked petulant to me, like a way to advocate for more Revit by making it look like ACAD was dysfunctional. And make anybody arguing for more clarity and sanity look uncooperative? Or, perhaps that's too paranoid?

  5. What's amusing is watching what happens when they attempt to make a change in Revit, only to find out that half of the details are faked in.

    Seriously - most of the projects I've seen have a wall floating off in space that they use to develop elevations (and these are hardcore Revit eye-socket rape victims) like windows, doors, millwork, etc. because they can't get them to show up properly in the model.

    Even without that fact, it's rare that I've seen changes properly run through a set of drawings - due to the view settings and (more importantly) lack of knowledge regarding how things are actually built, it will end up throwing the whole project into a fucking mess.

    If they are willing to deride proven techniques for producing a *functional* set of drawings in exchange for promises of rainbows and sparkle ponies then they are absolutely capable of throwing you under the bus.

    And besides - just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you!!!