Wednesday, September 21, 2016

'When Will BIM be Accepted as a Building Permit and Construction Document?' or 'Craig Rice is a Whiny Revit Faggot Who Needs To Go Fuck Himself'

Greetings Skullfuckheads!

It's always amusing to read about the exploits of dickless Revitards and their never-ending quest to hate-fuck any system that doesn't involve their precious BIM into pieces.

This little gem comes compliments of SF reader 'Hysteresis':

It regales us all with the thrilling tale of a Reviteering BIMtard Architect and his quest to get a few pieces of paper signed on a hot day in San Francisco (hey, same initials as Skull Fuck' - coincidence?). 

He (and a handful of his commenters) are looking forward to the day they can just pawn off their shitty BIM model to get permits instead of being forced to put their garbage design into a reviewable format.

While seeing hundreds and hundreds of projects through from vague concept to completed building (and beyond) - I have watched people attempt to take every possible shortcut, skip every seemingly 'unnecessary' step, and try to slip poorly designed and incomplete sets of drawings past AHJs.

What these people have convinced themselves, is that as 'Professionals' (using that term in the loosest possible context), they should be the ones to dictate how this process is implemented.  You will notice this is the same mentality that causes most problems.

While an individual may (or may not) be qualified to do their job, it is always necessary to get an unbiased (or better yet - biased somewhat against) them to give their project a thorough review without pulling any punches - forcing that individual to have to defend their design or concede and make necessary changes.

Step #1 towards having this work effectively is is not expecting to be able to set the standards and parameters that your work will be judged by.  Switching formats from drawings to a BIM model is absolutely an example of attempting to control the narrative.

Also - what other people have found out (as I've mentioned in the past) is that once you convince a bureaucracy to change to your favorite way of doing things - there's an unexpected twist.  They are typically going to go further than you expected - which will end up resulting in considerably more work for you (for dubious gain).

They will develop their own standard for what is required for a BIM submittal, and while I'm sure Mr Rice here would love to be involved with helping them develop those standards, his competitors are going to be trying to figure out a way to do so as well (in order to give themselves an edge).

But yeah - he wouldn't have to go sign drawings in the hoods of cars anymore. 'Yay!'

Fuck this self-absorbed piece of shit Revitard BIMfucker, fuck Revit, fuck Autodesk, and if you don't like it FUCK YOU!!!


Next Time: Submission Domination

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