Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Model Student

Salutations Fuckheads!

I received a hilarious e-mail this morning containing a link to a Revit model for a project.  I immediately sent it back and told the guy whose job it is that he needed to request a CAD file of the floor plan.

It feels so damn good to be able to tell people who send me Revit shit to fuck off.  For a second I pondered what it would be like if I had to worry about opening their Revit model to work in it, or set up my own model and link theirs in.

Then I laughed and shook my head - why would anybody fucking do that?  It would be the equivalent of coming to work and slamming your dick in a drawer.  Now, I'm sure there are some people out there who get off on shit like that, but it would definitely cut into your ability to be productive.

I'm kind of half hoping that they come back and say that 'the project has to be done in Revit' (it's a government job, so these other poor sad fuckers probably do have to do it in Revit), not realizing that we couldn't give less of a shit if we tried.

I could just see some brain damaged fuck trying to pry open our eyelids in a futile attempt to insert the Revit dick into our eye sockets 'why don't you want the Revit dick fucking your skull?'.  It wouldn't surprise me in the least.

What would be even funnier is if they tried to do an end run around me and try to get someone to come down from above (after somehow justifying throwing away thousands of dollars on a Revit license - and a machine capable of running it) and tell me that 'now we're doing it in Revit' without knowing what the fuck that even means.

In that event, I would be reminded again why I'm so glad I'm only doing this kind of work because I enjoy it, and minus the enjoyment (i.e. plus Revit), I would simply go find something else equally lucrative to do that doesn't involve my dick, a drawer, and slamming.

Get Fucked!


Next Time: WTF?

Edit: they responded by sending me an export from their Revit model consisting of a .zip file containing 148 items - I'm not sure if this was because they are fucking idiots, if they were being sarcastic (or both).  Regardless - fuck them with the force of a million suns.


  1. When will you have another post?! I'm drowning in my Revit frustrations here.

  2. I was just thinking about doing one this morning. Let's see what I've got...