Thursday, November 1, 2012


Back to another basic concept that seems to have escaped Autodesks attention is the ability to easily find things.

The project browser in Revit attempts to make this simple by giving you a hierarchy of drawings, ceilings, sheets, etc. - however they neglected to take into account that architects would be using it, so you might end up digging through piles of views, and depending on who set up the model, it might be almost impossible to figure out what the hell is going on.

Now, take a handful of architects, project managers, and architect lackeys all with their hands in the Revit pot, and god only knows what in the hell the result will be.  Sometimes you get a well-organized, stripped back to functional, easy to navigate model - but most of the time you get 'WHERE IN THE FUCK IS EVERYTHING AT?!!?!?!' (thus the title of this post).

And that's before you start trying to put shit into the model - and depending on how you attempt to use Revit (because nobody seems to be able to agree on how to make it function in a group setting) it can become a constant battle to keep track of what the fuck is going on, and - this is key, where the fuck you stand.

In ACAD, I know where the fuck I stand, always.

It doesn't matter how many people try to fuck me up, change things, expand or change scope, it doesn't matter if they 'forget' to tell me things until the last minute - I know that I had shit to a certain point, and I know what I have to do to get it to where it needs to be next.

And I know I've got the tools to make it happen.

Part of it may be the way that I use ACAD, where I can view the whole goddamned project in one place at one time, with no brower, tabs, menus, or anything else to keep me from having the birds eye view of the entire project - including site plans, details, floor plans, notes (not to mention the ability to keep different versions of something drawn in case they get reverted, important notes, etc. off in the margins).

Obviously I am still very drawing oriented, rather than model oriented - but the problem is that the model is a work in progress, and I simply do not have the time, energy (or fee) to sit and fuck with a 3d dollhouse all day long - especially when the program for interfacing with it is such an unapologetic piece of shit, and every day when I come in I have to figure out 'who fucked me over today?'

Give me a functional set of software that is intuitive, and where I'm not staring at a ribbon with 'Wall', 'Door', 'Window', 'Component', 'Column', 'Roof', 'Ceiling', 'Floor', 'Curtain System', 'Curtain Grid', 'Mullion', 'Railing', 'Ramp', 'Stair' when I'm supposed to be doing ELECTRICAL FUCKING DESIGN.  I believe that this ribbon might be able to be modified in this release (if I can't figure out a way to eliminate it completely because seriously - fuck the ribbon).

And, as always, fuck the Revit division at Autodesk, fuck Revit users, fuck the people responsible for implementing it, and fuck anyone who wants their project done with it.  If they are stupid enough to buy into the 'BIM Revolution', they are guaranteed to be stupid the whole time you are working for them - and for years afterwards as magic revit rainbows shoot out of everyone's ass (but basic information gets left out).

Fuck 'em.

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