Monday, October 29, 2012

Waiting For Revot

Another goddamned thing - I've mentioned this before (probably more than once).

What the fuck is up with this program going into outer fucking space whenever I click on it.

It sits, it does nothing, it pretends to do something, it dicks around, it fucks off, it makes me forget what the fuck it was I opened it for in the first place (usually to get shit the fuck out of it - or to appease some idiot by slapping some 3d bullshit into their half-ass fuckfest).

 I always wondered - is this typical?  Is everyone using this program having the same sit and stare at nothing for minutes at a time?  Is it my machine? (I can assure you its not my machine) Is it my Windows software? (If so, it's the only program affected by it), is it my network?  Again - everything else runs like a scalded dog.  Is it some settings or integration between all of these necessary to make everything run smoothly?

If so, nobody seems to be figuring it out (or telling anyone), but as far as I can tell - this is as good as it gets, and nobody seems to care.  You hear the occasional admission that the software is deathly slow to do anything, but either these people have really bought into the bullshit, or they are just suffering in silence (which seems to be a fairly commonplace occurrence - especially because of the threat of being laid off or fired during a continued slow economy - I still run around with both middle fingers up because I don't give a single fuck).

And I'm still calling bullshit -this thing could probably run like a top, if (and only if) people demanded it, and accepted no less from Autodesk.  Instead, they have bent over and accepted it, ever since the first release.  Why would Autodesk waste time and money (i.e. - profits) refining or lubricating something that people are apparently content to have rammed up their ass rough and dry?

It would be like if people suddenly didn't care if their cars had any performance or reliability anymore - and were still willing to shell out 20-30K a pop for a 2 cylinder weedwacker motor connected by a rubber band to a rollerskate (as long as it had their favorite automakers badging on it).  It could be steered by slapping your dick against the ground.

And you would still have something more functional than Revit.

Instead people fetishize their cars, and would be aghast at the idea of replacing their shiny, expensive, ego-stroking pieces of shit with anything else.

But they will still putt around in the Ford Pinto of design software...  sad...

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