Monday, February 4, 2013

Why the fuck can't Revit cancel anything?

Ok, so I'm linking in a Revit file, and of course you apparently can't set the goddamned thing to default to 'origin to origin' despite that being THE ONLY FUCKING WAY THAT I EVER WANT TO INSERT SOMETHING, so I click 'open' without changing it, realize my mistake, but instead of being able to hit 'cancel' so I can fix it, I have to wait while it loads it incorrectly, undo it, and start over.

I've got one project done in Revit, a huge one that I should be working on, but another one about the size of the first popped up and needs to be done first.  All three are in the same building, on the same floor, but none of them will fucking import correctly.  My views are fucked up, shit won't insert properly, it's basically just as fucked up as the day I first had this shit loaded on  my fucking computer.

I've wasted HOURS with several different office Revit gurus trying to fix it, to no avail.  I am just going to work around it, and do what the fuck ever I have to do to make the fucking thing spit out some fucking 2d plans (strangely enough the ceilings seem to work fine).  It will take way longer than to simply CAD the thing up, but apparently things like 'productivity', 'profits', and 'schedules' can get fucked once we accept the Revit cock into our eyesockets.

If I had a Revit developer, marketer, or other Revit cheerleader from Autodesk here right now, I would punch that motherfucker into adult diapers.

Fuck Revit.

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