Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Revit Ain't Shit But Hos and Tricks.

Okay - now this Revit version shit that I was complaining about is finally starting to really drive me directly UP THE FUCKING WALL.

It's bad enough having to hunt down what fucking version of this fucking software a model is saved in - but then you run across the problem of "I'm sitting here staring at the fucking thing for half an hour while it 'temporarily upgrades' all of the linked files".

I'm not even trying to work in this model - although it turned out to be a good fucking thing that I did look at it, because in between when I was nice enough to populate the piece of shit with fucking light fixtures and now, they had managed to delete two fixtures in a back corridor (leaving it completely empty except for an exit light and an HVAC plenum that was placed right in the middle of where one of the fucking lights should have been.

I said 'what the fuck ever' and slapped a fucking light where there was fucking room so I wouldn't have to fucking waste a mechanical designer's fucking time to have to open their fucking file (not actually sure what happens if you haven't upgraded your file and you have an upgraded file linked in - I'm sure it's not good, which means the only other option is to stare at Revit while it 'permanently' upgrades your file).

I also moved a can light that was living in the exact same location as an HVAC plenum - but wasn't throwing up any errors.  Not a big deal right?  Well - actually, we had already had a complaint on a previous job from the same owner about lighting coordination.  The argument about what software I'm using is a moot fucking point because I had populated that model with my lights too, but due to more HVAC plenums, and ceilings that were rotated the wrong fucking way in a corridor, they couldn't fit a 2'x4' light.

Another simple solution - use a 2' x 2', but if we're going to just rig this shit together in the field anyway - then WHY IN THE FUCK WASTE TIME MODELING IT ALL IN 3D?  If they are going to ignore the location of my fixtures or delete them, then what the fuck is the point?  Just yesterday I had somebody call and act like I hadn't put lights into their fucking model.  In this case I had an Electrical model - which they had referenced, but which (for some reason or another) wasn't allowing them to see all of the lights.

I was already in my model fixing all of the various changes that I had wasted my time modeling in 3D to begin with, and they told me that I only had two light fixtures in an area.  I sent them a snip (I love the fucking snip tool) showing that I indeed had nine lights, but they 'could not see them'.  They ended up wasting several peoples time (in addition to mine), and ended up pulling a dickless piece of shit 'Revit Guru' into the mix to finally figure out what was wrong with their fucking model.

Then they came back and said there weren't lights in another room, where they had changed their ceiling height, and (of course) nothing in my linked file changed jack-diddly-shit, because this software (on top of sucking so fucking hard that I'm amazed it's not in porn) isn't being used in a way that allows us to actually coordinate, and instead just ends up being a clusterfuck of the Architect modifying the ceilings, me playing 'where's waldo' and chasing their fucking changes, and fuck fuck fuck the fuck.

On top of those fucking problems, yet another fuckhead starts giving me shit because I haven't been Reviting up his bullshit project that I hadn't heard a peep out of in over two months.  It was the last straw yesterday - because I was already buried past my fucking eyeballs right now because of incompetence and shitty communications/scheduling (and working on YET ANOTHER completely unrelated project - in ACAD thank fucking god, but still being run into the ground by a fucking idiot).

I'm ready to eviscerate the next shit-eating Revit fuckhead who calls, e-mails, or comes into my office.  It's a waste of time, a waste of effort, and is steadily grinding away at my ability to concentrate or give a fuck about anything - and it's going to get someone's fucking ass beaten so badly, they will beg for death.

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