Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fear And Loathing In Revit

It's official - the next motherfucker that comes into my office and so much as mentions the word 'Revit' is getting thrown out of my goddamned window.  If they e-mail or call and mention 'Revit', I will go to where they are (and there is nowhere on this fucking Earth they can hide from me), drag them kicking and screaming to the nearest window equivalent to the height of the one in my office, and throw them out (or through) it.

Now - it's not so far that they would be killed by the impact (unless I tossed them out head first - which I'm going to save for the next motherfucker that thinks they can threaten me with my job for not sucking the Revit cock), but they would definitely find themselves coming to terms with a few broken bones, and the distinct impression that I'm the one guy who they should've definitely never even remotely considered fucking with.

I don't give a fuck if they want to use it all day long and wallow in their own shit - all it has managed to do since it's inception is destroy any goodwill that I might've otherwise been able to muster towards these people whose entire existence seems to be to stab me in the back, pull the rug out from underneath me, and throw me under the bus (often all at once).  They have mistaken my typically easy-going and laid back nature for weakness, and while I've managed to straighten out a few people on that particular misconception, others just don't take a fucking hint.

I keep thinking about picking up a set of taser-knuckles (I saw them at a pawnshop one day, brilliant fucking idea if there ever was one), so I'm ready for the next Revit dick-socket who comes in here thinking I have any fucks left to give about their cock-suckery.  A couple thousand volts (and some additional 'convincing' afterwards to guarantee they keep their fucking mouths shut) might be just the thing to bring a little reality crashing into their little worlds.

It's unfortunate that some people only understand violence - I've tried reasoning with them, and attempted to work out a compromise, but they've been sucked too far into the Revit quagmire to be appealed to with logic.  If they had approached this differently from the get-go, they might've even been able to talk me into playing part-time footsie with the Revit dick, but instead all they've done is waste my fucking time.

And I'm fucking over it.

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