Thursday, December 12, 2013

Autodick Revshit

So there I am, actually using Revit - and it's behaving itself for a change (still sucking ass, but at least pretending to be a functional set of software).

I'm even making some headway on the fucked up mess of a project that I'm having to put several others on hold to do - and it makes it all the way to 4:00 before taking a gigantic shit on me.

I'm almost completely done (with what I could've had done before lunch - although aspects of the project are *almost* equally to blame for that), finally on the home stretch, with light at the end of the tunnel.

And then, like the useless half-ass piece of shit that it is, it won't let me circuit the fucking lights (for no reason).  I can select any one light and connect it to a panel, but it won't let me add any more fixtures to the same circuit (and isn't displaying correctly on the schedule - but I could've worked around that).

I pondered just filling up several panels with one light on each circuit, but I somehow stop short of saying 'fuck it' (although I did say 'fuck' a lot) and slapping a coat of bimwash on it, and (against my better judgement) decided to ask around if anyone knows what the fuck is going on.

Now, I've had this godforsaken software fuck me over in just about every way imaginable, but this is the first time for this particular problem.  Two of us sit down and try every possible thing we can think of to no avail - both of us wasting well over an hour before calling it a day.

I am sending the bitches at Autodesk a fucking bill - I can't even imagine the obscene amount of wasted time that the Revit community has amassed during its existence, although I'm sure it has canceled out any supposed time 'saved'.

Even if people aren't directly wasting their time banging their head into yet another wall that Revit tosses in their path, there seems to be a tendency for users to sit around just staring blankly at their screens, or mindlessly panning/zooming/rotating the model.

While we were trying to find some kind if logic for this latest epic failure of Revit to simply DO WHAT THE FUCK I NEED IT TO DO we tossed out just about every possibility, and were to the point of assuming there was something wrong with the file, when it occurred to me that before it had taken a shit, I had been able to circuit the exterior lights with no problem (other than not showing up on the schedule correctly, but again - I can work around that).

It is my hope that by taking this fixture and modifying its geometry, I can slap something together that is passable, and then get back to figuring out how to get two whole other projects done - fortunately for those I have software that I know won't fuck me over.

I was flipping through a couple of message boards filled to the brim with Revit haters (i.e. - realists), including some on the Autodesk site.  The last post was from last year, and it was surprising that they hadn't been moderated, because they weren't pulling any punches.

A recurring topic (besides how mind-numbingly bad Revit is) was how Architects tended to bully Engineers into using Revit - which matches my (and the vast majority of other users) experience.

I'll dig up a few of these next time and compare/contrast different people's attitudes towards having shitty software force-fed to them.

Until then, Revit can eat a dick, and its fans/cheerleaders can eat a whole bag (each).

Skullfuck out.


  1. Jeez . . . these are the first Revit-related comments that make any sense to me.

    Thanks! Now I know I am not alone.

  2. Thank You!

    It is hard to make sense of something when it is skull-fucking you relentlessly.


  4. There is only one solution.

    It involves uninstalling Revit.

  5. Wow, just wow. I have so much to say but have to leave it at fuck revit and revit snakeoil sales idiots.

  6. My two cents. I've been a long time autocad drafter for an electrical firm (same outfit for 20 years). I am extremely fast autocad drafter and can draft for a dozen engineers no problem. I never have an issue, always get it done. It's always clean, precise, etc. Perfect right? Enter revit. I have been playing with revit off and on since it came out. I can make a dandy "dollhouse" with it but have yet ever put out a full set of drawings nor have I yet done a full electrical set of drawings with it. I have to teach myself all the stuff but have a hell of a time figuring out basic shit - which never get's figured out because OMG an actual fucking deadline - which means using autocad. The electrical portion of Revit is pure garbage. It's utter and complete trash. The 3D aspect for electrical is fairly worthless because as you know we only give a fuck about the shit being right, calc's, etc. and as you know we deal in only 2D. Anything done in the field is the result of the actual electricians installing the shit (conduit, yadda) so for us to make 3d Models is a massive waste of time and effort. I haven't done anything in revit from an architect and am utterly horrified that I would have too. Thankfully my employer (PE) is understanding that this program is shit (but we'll do the occasional dollhouse for the ohh's and ahhs). For instance we like everyone has their own standards. We have our particular panel schedules and use a particular font in our drawings. The shit already works in autocad but do replicate it all in revit is a test in patience and then some. Hell this week I was trying to figure out how to do keynotes in revit. I'm stumped. It's a massive joke right? I have to look at endless toobs, read endless shit and it still makes no sense and I still can't do a dam keynote. Hate this fucking program.

  7. I was actually able to turn out a handful of projects that were 99.9% Revitized schematics, and they all had one thing in common - they were delicate flowers, and could be blown apart by the whims of anyone involved in the project.

    On more than one occasion, I took a job that had been completed in Revit (but was being revisited because, of course, nobody had bothered to coordinate anything), exported the whole thing out to ACAD, and proceeded to clean it up and make the necessary changes.

    Despite the amount of effort this took - it would have taken considerably more to make even the simplest changes to a project that had already required herculean amounts of effort to complete in the first place.

    My old boss was always understanding, but came under more and more pressure to toe the Revit line. The other designer on my team had capitulated (his attitude was basically - if it takes three times as long to finish the job, then 'fuck it').

    Of course, this resulted in him being unproductive - and me having to pick up a lot of slack (and do it in ACAD). The irony was that even though they knew I would tell them to stuff Revit up their ass, most of the project managers were ecstatic to find out that I would be working on their project.

  8. Laughing so hard at the office right now because I'm having the exact same problem. I control-clicked every fixture very carefully to make sure I have all the ones i need on the circuit then clicked circuit. But it wouldn't let me add other fixtures to the circuit.

  9. That's fascinating - especially considering that you are almost certainly using a much newer release (since my original post was from nearly 3 years ago) and whatever the fuck is causing that problem is still around. Fortunately for you the newest release allows you to 'specify the load calculation method for how Revit sums electrical loads' - isn't that special?

  10. That's fascinating - especially considering that you are almost certainly using a much newer release (since my original post was from nearly 3 years ago) and whatever the fuck is causing that problem is still around. Fortunately for you the newest release allows you to 'specify the load calculation method for how Revit sums electrical loads' - isn't that special?