Thursday, December 12, 2013

Down in a Revit Hole

It's comical listening to someone hold forth on the benefits of Revit, and in the same breath complain about not having a day off for over two weeks (or in the foreseeable future), or having a day where they aren't plugging away at the Revit grindstone for 12+ hours).

While I'm sure it's great to get massive overtime, it isn't helping their physical or mental well-being, and it sure as fuck isn't helping the bottom line.  It isn't the amount of work they are doing that is keeping them here, since their production is roughly the same as when they were using ACAD (although getting them to admit it is a whole other trick), it's all of the extra time and effort they are spending finding yet another 'workaround'.

I've been fortunate to be able to avoid Revit on every single project that I'm working on right now, except one.  And it's a motherfucker.

Even if it were being done in ACAD, it would be a motherfucker, but at least I wouldn't be fighting two battles. Even if I were the UberReviteer it would be a motherfucker because it's a total clusterfuck.  The project manager is highly intelligent, but in outer space, and it's not just one project, but half a dozen, none of which have any clearly defined scope, and of course schedules are vague - until 'OMFG I GOTTA HAVE IT RIGHT NOW!!!! WHY AREN'T YOU DONE?!?!!?!? YOU SAID YOU WOULD BE DONE!?!?! (actually I didn't tell you  anything of the sort - and you fucking know it).

The saddest part is that I can guarantee the customer doesn't even have the first clue that it's being done in Revit (or what that actually means even if they do).  To them it's just a stack of 2D sheets of paper that they can mark endlessly on, not realizing that we can no longer just slap some shit together on it (well, we can - but then people get butthurt about 'bimwashing').

Fuck this project, and fuck everyone gleefully plugging away at it 14 hours a day for no gain, and no profit.  I could export it into ACAD and be done with the bulk of it by the end of the day (so that I can jump on the other two projects that I'm supposed to have basically completed by tomorrow) but instead, I'm going to waste most of the day dicking around with a useless piece of shit program.

Fuck Revit, Fuck Autodesk, and (as always) if you don't like it - then FUCK YOU.

Mr. Skullfuck Esq.


  1. Hey there. This blog has created quite a stir on Linked in. Just curious if you've noticed it. There are many interpretations of your true feelings and issues with Revit. So, is this blog a real rant on Revit? Are you adjusting to Revit (after 4 years) ? How do you really feel? Just curious. Personally, I find it rather entertaining and most of us can relate to the frustrations.

  2. I just noticed this comment - I tried looking on but couldn't seem to find anything regarding what you mentioned. This blog started off as a place to vent and rant, but the more I was exposed to Revit, the more of an actual critique it became (while maintaining it's trademark wackiness). If you read some of my more recent posts you will start to see that it is a two-fold problem - both Revit sucking the sweat off a dead donkey's balls (which it most certainly does), and a workplace filled with incompetent and unrealistic motherfuckers. Even without Revit it would be a nightmare, but with Revit it is a unholy mongolian clusterfuck. I truly wish nothing but pain and misery upon the shitheads at Autodesk who continue to shart out this nonsense garbage, and the brain-damaged cock-smokers who propagate it.