Thursday, September 4, 2014

Err Apparent

I was browsing a few older posts, and was amused by an early one where I mentioned that repeated attempts at initiating a productive dialog with Autodesk in regards to functionality that seemed to have been overlooked had been unsuccessful in prompting any response - until I started flaming them.

This is apparently the only way to get their attention - as Mr. Lobel responded in record time to my post eviscerating him for playing coy with Revit designers about fixes/features (that he could not discuss) and then chastising them for complaining about not getting enough fixes/features.

He mentions that some people are allowed into the 9th Circle of Revit Development Hell if they sign a non-disclosure agreement, and are thereby privy to the latest and greatest 'improvements' to Revit before the rest of the unwashed design community.

I don't think it's too much of a stretch to assume that these people are a large part of the problem - I'm sure they have to be 125% sold on Revit in order to garner this kind of special treatment, so it would follow that they are the absolute last people who should be critiquing it (too many complaints and they might fall out of favor with Autodesk) before release.

They are, in short, a bunch of suck-ups, and Sanctimonious Motherfuckers (c), and we've already discussed how that works.

Within the scientific community, if you think you have made a new discovery, or improved upon an existing theory - then you publish your findings and allow others to tear it to shreds trying to disprove it.  You don't just show your work to people you know will agree with you, or who will be hesitant to point out glaring errors - that's how you end up with pseudo-science.

If you want a real, honest, no-punches-pulled assessment of your work - you look at your worst critics are saying.  You don't dwell on the negative, and you have to be able to discern between the ones who are critiquing it to feed their own egos and the ones who are giving you constructive criticism.

Autodesk has chosen to take the pseudo-science approach - which shouldn't come as a surprise, considering all of the other similarities between Reviteers and brainwashed cult members (except that the Reviteers think that by joking about it, they are somehow immune to the reality that they are, indeed, brainwashed cult members).

Fuck all brainwashed cult members.

Fuck Revit, Fuck Autodesk, and if you don't like it Have A Nice Fuckin' Day!!!


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