Tuesday, September 16, 2014

2015 Revit Just Doesn't Give A Shit

From the splash screen - which didn't change at all (the text is a little bolder), and still shows some kind of amorphous pile of shit (which is what Revit turns every single project into), to the shitty 'Ribbon', to the pointlessly obtuse processes necessary to complete even the most basic tasks - the good folks at Autodesk have once again managed to convey their utter contempt for anyone tasked with using their under-developed bloatware.

While listening to the same bullshit claims, empty promises, and outright disregard for reality on yet another project wallowing in Revit hell - the reasons for reluctance to make any significant changes were clear.

I always mention that it would be an admission of massive glaring oversights in the first place - and, of course, the fact that they hindered themselves greatly by purchasing 3rd party software - rather than develop something themselves - but at this point the fact is - they can't change it, or it wouldn't be Revit anymore.

The Reviteers would revolt - as they have carefully manipulated their workplaces to reduce productivity, eliminate communication, and propagate a circle-jerk of epic proportions - all while preaching that that total allegiance to Revit is the only way.

If Autodesk started giving a shit - and sent someone outside of the Revit hive-mind to go through even a fraction of the many, many, many lists of requests that they have received for much needed improvements and honest assessments of its shortcomings - they would be appalled at how little this 'tool' resembles what the industry it has been foisted on requires to get the job done.

They might demand a complete overhaul - and at that point that person would get shouted down by both Autodesk (who has proven it doesn't want to spend any real time or money developing this software further - see 'sketchy lines'), and Revitbots who have adapted to burning massive amounts of profit and not giving a shit.

Fuck 'Em.

And (as always) if you are on-board with Revit, or are otherwise too fucking stupid and out-of-touch with reality to understand why it is a cancer on this industry - then Fuck You.



Next Time: Will There Be A Next Time!?!? 

Stay Tuned To Find Out!!!


  1. I have read all of the posts on your blog and you sir are spot on. This should be required reading fon current and upcoming designers. I have been in the design business for quite some time and I pride myself in meeting the clients needs on time and on budget. Revit goes against everything I try to do to meet my own expectations and goals in my field. Its like trying to do my job in romulan.

  2. I too have read all of your posts. Me finding this is uncanny timing. I'd like to talk to you about an alternative my company is creating. You can just continue your cathartic posts or help us in taking down the autodesk machine.

  3. Read most of the posts here and you are spot on. After five months of a daily interface I'm still not convinced, at all. The major tricks it can do [keeping track of changes to numbering, linking schedules and such] really are not a good trade-off for a nightmarish interface and controls. And the sheets don't look good. Don't know how many times I've been looking at sections, elevations, plans, anything else and what's on the screen looks nothing like what we're trying to tell them to build. And we still have pipes running through beams, ducts that don't fit, grids that don't align and all that, worse than ever -- only now we have to deal with it on our sheets -- in order to show the columns on plans, beams in wall sections, etc. we have to deal with all of their errors, uncoordinated and in-progress items. And it does take an incredible amount of time to do simple things. If I want to build in a detail reference there's only the choice of a 'callout' or a 'section'. Can't they just make a detail bubble act like a hyperlink, or part of a line of text, e.g. SEE DTL 4/A502...? Why can't I have a leader line WITHOUT any text attached? Why can't I override dimension text sometimes? I spend so much time fighting this thing these days. It is beyond absurd. Thank you for having the guts to say so. Truth to power!

  4. RDM911 is correct, 'this blog should be required reading for current and upcoming designers', as well as managers/clients to allow people to realize the realities involved in using this software. Although the blog is written with a tone of humour, it details exactly what users have to put up with on a daily basis. The title of the blog couldn't be more appropriate.

  5. I talk to Revit users suffering through that program every day. My company converts many of them to our compatible platform, allowing them to work outside of Revit where they don't have to deal with its limitations. Leader line with no text? - pssh. Text editor? - please. They can then send the info back and forth to Revit with little to no info loss. This is currently available for only one niche discipline, but more products are on the way. I hesitate to go into more detail here because autodesk is always watching. SF hasn't posted in a while - I hope there wasn't a "workplace incident"! C'mon SF, don't keep us in suspense!

  6. I appreciate all of your high praise. It's been a busy couple of weeks extracting countless projects out of the holes that Revit 'designers' have dug for themselves (fortunately I haven't had to dig any for them).

    Creating custom interfaces/tools for Revit is admirable - and would be a boon to those who have no choice but to toe the Revit line.

    It allows the Revit Hive-Mind to set the rules of engagement though, and when they hold all the keys, they are guaranteed to run the project clean off the road, ramp a ditch, and end up in a cow pasture (where they will feel right at home - immersed in bullshit).

  7. Fucking Revit. I don't like architecture anymore. Revit has drained any love I once had for the profession. All the time I get these ass holes who say, A - "Are you sure you don't need more training?" or B - "Oh I don't seem to have any problems with it. I think it's just you." Yeah well, A - I've taken more tutorials and classes than I can remember so if the interface is still that fucked up then you must need to have been using modeling software since it was invented and know exactly how the program itself was written and developed. Therefore, your profession would lie more on the edge of software developer and not within the standard user’s A&E industry so I call bull-shit. B – No, of course they haven't had any issues because they've never tried to do anything outside of drawing walls and doors. Their drawings and models look like a 3 year old made them and those people typically have no problem releasing shitty, low quality, unfinished drawings that look like they were made in Revit. I’ve always been the go to for answers in my office but work is just a drag with Revit is in the picture.

    I totally understand what SF is referring to though. My add-ons are great but always have issues because Revit fucked with something again and decided not to send word down the line. People are coming up with some pretty creative solutions out there but over time they just become worthless if Autodesk doesn’t want to cooperate. I just want to spread hate all of the time now so fuck Revit. All they do is sell shit in a jewelry box.