Monday, November 10, 2014

Duplizication Revitization Decapitization


Last time we discussed the difficulty that someone with the misfortune of having choked down the Revit dick might have when dealing with buildings that are made up of typical units - but the problem I was describing isn't even limited to hotels, apartments, etc. -nearly every single project I have ever done has had at least a handful (if not dozens) of rooms (offices, bathrooms, etc. ) with virtually identical (or mirrored) plans that can be copied from room to room and modified as necessary.

Populating a model of this kind with families will require considerable duplication of effort that could be eliminated by simply mirroring, rotating, or dropping in and adjusting a typical plan.  A portion of any design process is going to involve repetitive tasks - but minimizing, streamlining, and above all else being able to COMPLETE each of these tasks in a reasonable amount of time (rather than have an ever-shifting clusterfuck that generates more arbitrary busy work the further you dig into it) is the key to successful design, profits, and repeat business.

If the layout portion of a project in Revit takes three-four times what it would in ACAD, then you just lost any benefit of having self-calculating panel schedules.  If you have to stop every five minutes and spend half an hour to figure out a 'workaround' for what should be a ridiculously simple task, then you are spinning your wheels, and slowly drifting backwards.

Even once you've figured out a 'workaround', then you have to remember how you did it the next time the situations arises, which will usually involve attempting to do it the 'logical' way within Revit, realizing that nothing in Revit is 'logical', and revert to doing it the half-ass way in the interest of completing the project this century.

Often these 'workarounds' end up causing you even more headaches down the road as other poorly thought out 'features' within Revit fail to work properly because they require you follow a very specific step-by-step process (with each step requiring that you do it 'the Revit way' - whether or not 'the Revit way' does what you need it to do in the first place) or you will hit an arbitrary 'dead-end'.

Who in the fuck do these fucking people fucking think they are foisting their under-developed bullshit on?  I haven't got time for this donkey-fucking, shit-eating collection of brain damaged cocksuckers and their inbred fucking software.  It's a cobbled together set of garbage that displays its purveyors complete lack of understanding of how electrical engineering and design works - both on a theoretical and practical basis.

I imagine it is easy for the uninitiated to feel intimidated by it - especially those that are being forced by unthinking Revitbots into toeing the line.  Easy for them to doubt themselves - after all, anything that elaborate and obtuse must be worthwhile!  It's just you who isn't getting it!  Don't you know there's a whole new future of Revit sparkle ponies and rainbows??  If you would just take that leap of faith and shoot yourself in the foot and/or face!

Not happening - not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Fuck Revit, Fuck Autodesk for making Revit, Fuck the inbred parents of the mongoloid fucks at Autodesk responsible for Revit, Fuck every single solitary person willingly using or otherwise propagating Revit - I WILL RAPE YOUR FUCKING CORPSES IN HELL FOR ETERNITY!!! HAIL FUCKING SATAN 666 MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!

Or whatever.




  1. Why do I get the funny feeling I'm being tricked into a 'DEEZ NUTS' type of thing?

  2. No joke intended, just a spoof we have at our office.

  3. Nice handle by the way - a very accurate statement.

  4. Thanks, at our office we have 2009-2015 versions of this puke ware on our computers. I can set up a project in Acad or Microjunk in a couple hours and have everybody working mech, elec, plumb, and telecom. But Revshit, its days if not a week and i have started to refuse setting them up. So why are we having to set jobs up in revit for 3-D when then final product is done the client gets a set of 2-D plans. Plus don't get me started on the BIM morons we have that rave up and down about Revshit. 20% profits are now 5-7% if that. Enough said.