Tuesday, August 25, 2015


"Everything happens for a reason.  But sometimes the reason is that people are stupid and they make bad decisions'.


A follow up to the typical (typical) debacle - I had become a little concerned about the responses I was getting from people after my attempt to explain that there were issues, so I decided to print out three versions of a plan.  One Normal, one ADA, and one Alternate.  The problem was now plain to see - they weren't just three variations on a plan, they were three different plans.

I started by taking these plans to the Revit 'Guru' who originally set up the model, and who I think might finally be starting to realize that I'm not just some 'holdout' - and that there are actual incompatibilities with the way Revit operates and/or is being used by our firm and the things I (and others) desperately need it to do (although I'm not holding my breath).

After explaining to him what had been going on since he set his little Revit boat afloat on the tides of Architectural dumbfuckery, he started to stir from his Revit-induced trance (making him look at pieces of paper instead of a fucking Revit model for once might have helped).  I gathered some information from him and proceeded to the Architectural lackey's desk.

At the Architectural lackey's desk I made my presentation - polished from having run it through once with the 'Guru' (who also pointed out one more mistake that I wouldn't have noticed), and showed them the blatant errors (some of which they were aware of, most of which they were not), and as luck would have it, the actual Architect walked by and I was able to bring them up to speed.

After the Architect saw that the lackey (and their Reviteer) had dicked up the project beyond all recognition (and pointed out other errors and inconsistencies of their own), the lackey and I proceeded to the Reviteer's desk, only to find them missing - so we went back to the Guru, who didn't really have much more to add, but it was good to watch the lackey's struggle to comprehend what we were discussing.

After leaving the Guru's desk - it was back to the Reviteer, who had returned from whatever masturbatory bullshit they might have been up to (I was amused to see another Reviteer/Guru Wannabe sitting next to them and flipping a model of some kind of fountain around and around), this was the trickiest confrontation yet because this is where the retarded Revit rubber hit the retarded Revit road.

Explaining (with the lackey's 'help') to this guy that he had fucked up both the work we had already done for zero gain - meaning that additional effort on his part was necessary in order to bring things back under some semblance of consistency, plus the difficulty factor of trying not to fuck up any more of our work, plus the instructions from the Architect to make other changes to standardize the plans (which the lackey disagreed with - but fuck them) all added up to me going back to my desk - only to almost immediately be called again.

A confused babble of nonsense ensued (from their side) so I decided to return to the Reviteer's desk (with another of my designers) and we looked at how to best initiate damage control, while maintaining some standard of consistency (some of which was being dictated by the Lackey), with the final result being that we will have to redo at least two of our plans (from scratch) - but only once they figure out what the fuck they are doing first.

Now - from the outside, there are probably any number of 'obvious solutions' to prevent (or minimize) this from happening again in the future.  Making people that know what the fuck they are doing responsible for doing things that require knowing what the fuck they are doing being primary among them.  My solution is simple - stop using shitty fucking software that sucks donkey balls and licks corpse ass-cracks.

Fuck Revit and the clusterfuck it allows idiots to bury everyone in.


Next Time: Maybe I'll finally get to flesh out my ideas for solving some basic fucking shit in regards to all Revit content sucking ass.


  1. Just discovered the Skullfvck. Couldn't agree any less. Revit is fanfvckingtastic. It's the only way I can coordinate all those 1/2" water lines inside of a 4-6" wall. If not for Revit I wouldn't have any time to play backgammon at work.

  2. The funniest part is where the contractor that actually installs those water lines won't do it the way you have shown (i.e. - they will do it correctly).