Friday, October 7, 2016

WTF Windows 10?

Hola  Skullfuckarinos!

Well, Autodesk didn't fucking do it - but Microsoft finally fucking did it (if they didn't do it goddamned conjunction).

They managed to break something in my perfectly functional ACAD 2014.  It still works, but after they installed Windows 10 on my machine, it started making it to where I couldn't use the 'look in' pull down to change the target folder when using my .pdf printer.  I had already had to remove .dwg to .pdf to keep from having it lock up, and hadn't been having any problems - until now, when the fucking thing decides to intermittently be blank and lock up when I use the 'look in' pulldown to try to change the folder I am in to open a file.

At first I thought it was just ACAD - but in Explorer (or any other program) the pull down is just blank (at least it doesn't fucking lock up the other programs).  One suggested 'workaround' was to change the User Account Control Setting to 'Never Notify' and reboot (doesn't fucking work).  I almost ended up losing work this morning (thank god for autosaves) when I had to crash out of it in Task Manager.  Another suggestion was to reinstall, but supposedly the problem comes back eventually.

The fucked up thing is that I can still browse from the icons on the side - or just open files from explorer, but goddammit if I'm busy and need to open another file, forget, and use the pull down - I actually did lose some work the other day, and it's going to end up resulting in holes in walls if I can't figure out a way to make it fuck off.

Of course, I'm busy as fuck right now, and our IT guy is just going to give me some stock IT guy non-answer, so I'm going to have to just be extremely careful when I am working.  I was going to leave it locked up when I went to lunch to see if it ever comes back, but of course - it magically decides to work perfectly (almost like it knows when it can fuck me).

Oh well - at least it's not Revit (it wouldn't surprise me if it locked up too - which takes five times as long to open a file back up).  If anybody has any ideas I would love to hear them (I've already googled every variation on the problem I could think of).  I'll post more if I figure it out (or if it gets worse).



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