Monday, July 8, 2013

'The Revit Kid' Strikes Back

It took a while  - but I apparently finally got the attention of one 'Jeffrey Pinheiro' AKA 'The Revit Kid' AKA 'The Revit Faggot'.

I re-posted his comments (with my responses) below:

"First, thanks for the post and the traffic my way!"   (No problem faggot).

"I will have you know that I have been using Revit professionally (as in, to create REAL WORLD BUILDINGS that HAVE BEEN CONSTRUCTED) for over five years. Long before you started posting on this blog."  (And I was doing Electrical Design for nearly 10 before I started this blog - in addition to about 5 more years of various technical and engineering jobs.  What he has been doing for the last five years is to waste peoples time babbling about 'BIM' nonstop, and shitting on anyone who dares oppose him).

"I have no problems with people disagreeing with me, or even calling me a self-absorbed douche bag motherfucker, but I will not allow meaningless and uneducated attacks on my professional credentials, character, educations, and experience."  (And I 'will not allow' pretentious assholes to get away with nurturing an environment that is hostile to otherwise productive, dedicated, and talented designers).

"Having worked side by side with other MEP Engineers using Revit for the past five years (on REAL WORLD buildings in a REAL WORLD office) I would love to chat about your experiences and share ideas in a professional and mature conversation." (And I'd love to punch this motherfucker so hard that they have to pick his teeth out of the inside of the back of his fucking skull in order to identify him by his dental records - but based on the responses I've gotten from other MEP engineers and designers, I can guarantee that I'd have to get at the end of an extremely long line to do so).

"P.S. For more information on my professional and academic credentials here are some links:"

 (P.S. - after reading his 'credentials' I remain unimpressed.  This is a guy who, until recently, has been going to school, and managed to get himself a job at a firm that apparently has projects with infinite budgets and lead times.  Back over here in the reality that I live in, I was expected to figure out Revit on my own (or go back to school), and figure out how to get projects out the door, despite having a building full of architects (not unlike Jeffrey here) who spend all day long jerking off to BIM models, and are nowhere near completion when the projects are due - and even when they do get done, the building gets built based on 2D drawings, and field-adjustments get made that negate almost all of the benefits of having a 3D model in the first place.  As I have said repeatedly - I don't care if these people want to stick their dicks in the Revit Meat Grinder, but when they smile and tell me that I should try it, I have to 'Just Say No'.)


  1. I love the rebuke, but all you had to say was that he had a degree in architecture.

    Architects all go to school thinking they will design these beautiful buildings like the Burj Tower, or Fallingwater., When they realize all they are ever going to do is build efficient office space, they have to get all LEED and Green and Revitized to seem more self-important than they are.

    You sir, speak to the rest of us.

    --An Electrical Design Engineer.

  2. What a fucked up asshole you are sir! If you have so much trouble getting Revit to work you must be some sort of fucking retard. Granted it has limitations but blaming everything on your pathetic inabilities to model your way out of a paper bag? Wanker!
    It's obvious that you have had some sort of education, but I really wonder if you paid any attention past kindergarten. You seem to really get off on bagging people anonymously, well here you go, in return for those who won't or can't, back at you. I hope you balls fester (that's if you have any - you certainly like running down you employer and their clients with impunity). Maybe you dick will drop off, but then, its probably so small, most people would think you were a girl if they saw it. You could, if you tried, be fairly amusing, some of the posts here actually made me smile. The continued, personal attacks however lead me to the conclusion that, you are sir, nothing more than a cowardly cunt.
    Moderate that you bastard!

  3. I love the difference in these two comments - they will definitely be the subject of an upcoming post!

  4. wow - this is all a very sad :( in 2013 no less

    started teaching myself Revit in 2008 - have been using it exclusively on projects since 2012 (only on the architectural side - all other disciplines around me refuse to adapt to it - fine - I'll export "dumb"CAD) - been in architecture for 17 years - learned AutoCAD in release 12 in 1995

    Revit is not scary voodoo magic from a corporate giant coming down the mountain to scare the town's people - it's a tool - and it's only as good as its user - problems with Revit? I'll state the problem is the user

    take that as you wish

    1. Noone said it was scary voodoo. Just half-assed bullshit. MEP in Revit is horribly broken. It's an engineer thing, you wouldn't understand.