Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Ballad of Tony & Wayne

While the intention of this blog was primarily to vent frustration, and I didn't really care if anyone ever read it (and cared even less if anyone agreed or disagreed with me), it has been good to get feedback from a handful of designers/engineers (and even pricks like the Revit Fag).

My recent rebuttal to the Revit Fag's comment garnered two comments - one from Electrical Design Engineer 'Tony' who appears to be in solidarity with myself and what I'm willing to wager is the vast majority of the design community, and one from anal-lube mouth application specialist first class 'Wayne King' (he didn't say what he actually does) who was butt hurt that I would dare to call people out for being cheerleaders and apologists for Autodesks shittiest piece of software to date.

Wait a minute... am I being trolled here?  Wayne King = WAyNeKING = WANKING!

If that's a coincidence, then it's a fucking hilarious one.  It would also explain why he was so concerned with the scorn I heap upon people, because growing up with a name like that would almost certainly result in him being especially sensitive to insults.

From his comment (and my responses):

'What a fucked up asshole you are sir!'

 Thank you for saying so!

 'If you have so much trouble getting Revit to work you must be some sort of fucking retard.' 

 I know right?  There's no way it could be the result of limitations or shortcomings on the part of the software, or it's developers.

'Granted it has limitations'

Wait - I thought it was because I was some sort of fucking retard... now I'm confused.

 'but blaming everything on your pathetic inabilities to model your way out of a paper bag?'

When did I say I couldn't model in it?  In fact, I've had several posts where I praised (well - acknowledged anyway) Revit's modeling tools, family editor, etc. - the problem is that I could 'model' all day long, and still be no closer to completing a project.


'It's obvious that you have had some sort of education'


'but I really wonder if you paid any attention past kindergarten'

 Yeah - it got kind of boring, especially considering that I was already reading at a college level by the time I started 1st grade.

'You seem to really get off on bagging people anonymously'

 True, but only those who deserve it.  You have to remember - I was using Revit for several years before I started this blog, and it was the culmination of reading dozens (if not hundreds) of blogs and comments full of derision for anyone who dared point out that the software was simply not delivering on Autodesk's promises.

For fucks sake - for the first few releases we had, our Plumbing designers couldn't even slope pipe (and still have their fittings connect correctly).  This wasn't any kind of shortcoming on our designers part - it was totally overlooked by developers who obviously had no idea what they were doing.

'well here you go, in return for those who won't or can't, back at you'

 Here we go...

'I hope you balls fester'

I hope you grammar gets better.

'(that's if you have any - you certainly like running down you employer and their clients with impunity).

Does the 'r' key on your keyboard not work in conjunction with you or something?
'Maybe you dick will drop off'

Maybe you grammar improve.

'but then, its (it's) probably so small, most people would think you were a girl if they saw it.'

Ask your mom, she certainly saw it last night.

'You could, if you tried, be fairly amusing, some of the posts here actually made me smile.'

The intention wasn't to be amusing, but sometimes you have to laugh to keep from stabbing.

The continued, personal attacks however lead me to the conclusion that, you are sir, nothing more than a cowardly cunt.

Like I said, they fired the first shot(s), and now they are getting their comeuppance.  If you think I'm
a cowardly cunt, you should probably take a look at some of the other blogs and posts that I've referred to in the past.  I would've called those people cunts, but it would be an insult to cunts.

Moderate that you bastard!

Alright - next time it's back to business, I've been letting people get me off track.  Fuck them, fuck Revit, and if you don't like what I'm saying - then the general direction you should fuck is 'off'.


  1. Re: Your comment on sloping pipes. Aw come on! Most consultants don't give a shit that pipes slope in Revit, 'it's the contractors problem'.
    I've been described as an apologist before, nothing wrong in enjoying a piece of software that gives better results than wanking off over AutoDOG, which seems to be your fave passtime, software that's not much better than using a Rotring pen.
    My gram err? Oops, so sorry I forgot to use spelchek!
    Trolls? Don't they live under bridges? Maybe I should introduce you to my cousin, another Wayne, his parents are worse than mine, surname Kerr - we both hate dickheads like you.

  2. Oh, I see what he did there. He took your joke about wanking and changed it to wanker. Very clever, really puts the joke on its side. Wow.