Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fricka Fracka Revit Cracka

I know it's hard for anyone who has read even one or two of my posts to conceive of - but I've been going far too easy on the Revitards.

I've done my best to hurl insults, threatened physical violence - like throwing them out of windows, off bridges, ritual satanic decapitation (with a dull instrument), sodomizing their corpses, sodomizing their mothers/wives/siblings corpses, and force feeding them their own feces and dismembered body parts - but after sitting and listening to yet another pointless attempt at 'coordinating' between disciplines (7-8 years after implementing this piece of shit), it has become clear to me that it's time for the gloves to come off.

See - at the end of the day, nothing I have done has had even the slightest affect on how these assholes operate.  My attempts to be positive and productive have been slapped down and thrown back in my face - destroying any incentive to be a 'team player'.  I have watched more time and mental energy exerted reinventing the wheel on every single fucking project that comes through the door - almost all of it in the form of 'workarounds' to get Revit to spit out the simplest shit (at the last second - if not two weeks after the project was due).

Analogy time kids!!!  Watching people attempt to use Revit is like watching someone who needs to move a sink 1' to the left tear down an entire house and rebuild it 1' to the right - only to find out that the sink is cracked, the valves leak, and shit randomly sprays out of the drain.  Then, rather than admit that the sink/faucet (and probably some of the plumbing) needed to have been torn out and a functional replacement installed (in the proper location), they will defend their half-ass solution to the death.

Case in point - a fucking idiot recently made me have to go back and fix a prototype (and three projects that  had already been issued), all because they changed the sheet size in Revit without bothering to tell anyone).  This project should have never gone anywhere near Revit, but some fucking asshole thought it would be a brilliant idea to take one of our money-makers and eliminate any chance of profit.

I told them to get fucked (tactfully of course), and kept my design in ACAD, and they *almost* could have thrown it in my face, except that another discipline that had choked down the Revit dick was having the EXACT SAME PROBLEM DESPITE BEING IN REVIT.  The project information updates, but there is nothing - short of closing your model, opening the linked model, and playing 'where's Waldo' to see what shit (if anything) has changed.

Do that multiple times a day, and one more time right before you try to issue the project - and maybe go back and check again after you've issued it, since they drug so much ass working in Revit that they are still working out important details days (or weeks) later, and you might be able to keep up.  In this case, it was an inexperienced Revit monkey who made the change (actually it was yet another discipline that decided to take off in their own direction, and because their drawings had already been issued, forced everyone else to follow suit - again - with ZERO communication.

The Revit Monkeys were apparently sadly unaware (despite working in a building full of architects, engineers, and designers) that changes they make might affect other people.  Now - the dream is that we all magically co-exist in the same model and eliminate this problem (as well as a number of others).  That dream has been expressed repeatedly in the aforementioned 'how do we use Revit?' meetings, and then immediately shot down (by the Revit elite) as being impractical.

Then the SAME FUCKING THING gets brought back up again the following week, as if the solution is there, and we're just not jumping on it.  Then I listen to the SAME FUCKING THING coming out of the mouths of higher-ups (none of whom use Revit on a daily basis, and most of whom cannot even conceive of what a clusterfuck Revit is) as they continue to delude themselves into thinking that it's feasible - if we would just clap loud enough.

The biggest roadblocks to the 'one Revit model' solution are the file size, and the file structure (trying to keep track of multiple discipline families, etc.).  There have been some attempts at doing a small project in one model (or at least they've been proposed), but the problem is that until that project goes out the door - you don't have the first clue how much shit is going to end up going into it.  The scope might creep out of control, and even a 'small' project might be densely packed with equipment and information.

Not to mention that small projects have small budgets - and watching people decimate said budgets to perpetuate the lie that 'eventually this will become a viable process' is sickening, frustrating, and above all - pointless.  The fact is - anyone arguing 'for' Revit has lost their fucking mind - I used to allow for other disciplines to make up their own mind as long as they returned the favor (and had their shit done in a timely manner), but I will no longer do that.

The traumatic bonding and cult mentality nurtured and fostered by the Revit community has evolved into full-fledged Stockholm syndrome.  From now on I will view all Revit users as being the equivalent of the victims of pirates who boarded their ship, took everyone prisoner, and burned the ship - only for them to find out that their own ship couldn't hold the extra weight of all of the prisoners, so they had to start tossing them to the sharks.

I think it's a fitting comparison - especially as the sharkfood continues to be convinced that it is sacrificing itself for the well-being of the pirates who kidnapped them in the first place.


Next time - it's time to start the bleeding.

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