Wednesday, May 13, 2015

2016 ACAD is BACK BABY!!!

Greetings from the skull that just keeps on fucking!!!

After the sad, phoned-in joke that was 2015 ACAD, it would appear as if somebody at Autodesk might've actually listened to the people using their software (do you hear that you Revitfuckers?) and either dialed back or fixed some of the shit they broke.  Amusingly, I never actually used 2105 after setting it up and finding basic functionality broken:  ACAD 2015 Rundown Rectacular

I went back to using 2014 in the interim - and even after installing 2016, I was pretty sure that I would be continuing down that path until they discontinued it.  Much to my surprise it worked almost perfectly - right out of the box, although it seemed to be having the same problem 2015 had when it came to lagging for 1-2 minutes when attempting to pull a license.

Fortunately this cleared up after a few more times of opening, and seems to be working correctly (I don't know if other people complained to our IT department, or if it did it by itself, hopefully it's all set now).  The first thing I checked was to see if it had the same problem 2015 had with snap settings (more detail in the article linked above) where it would attempt to snap to the grid any time you turned off object snap (even with grid snap turned off).

I had figured out that simply leaving object snap on and unchecking all of the options (end/mid/etc.) would make it work 'correctly' - but then if I wanted to use object snaps I would have to go and manually check and uncheck them instead of just toggling it on and off.  Even with this workaround, there was still the second problem of the snap selection box/circle/triangle/x (depending on the option(s) checked) being so small as to almost be invisible.

Someone (maybe even Autodesk) may have eventually provided a solution or setting adjustment to fix one or both of these problems - but the first experience I have with any piece of software (or anything really) goes a long way towards forming my opinion of it (one of the main reasons I still consider Revit to be a quarter-ass piece of shit).  If it's going to get in my way, prevent me from being able to concentrate, or otherwise hinder my work - it can take a flying fuck at a razor blade lined rolling doughnut covered with gasoline.

I can also guarantee that if I was finding shit like this within the first few minutes of using it, that there were probably other problems too - but it was already a deal-breaker, and I wasn't going to waste any more of my time and mental effort when I had projects to declusterfuckize (thanks to extensive amounts of Revit faggotry) and get out the door.  Fucking with my ability to do my job by randomly breaking shit is grounds for a knee-capping.

Anyway - after verifying that this shit was working in 2016, and after disabling the viewcube, ribbon, the 'start' b.s., drawing tabs, seting the background to FUCKING BLACK YOU FUCKING IDIOTS, disabling the search/infocenter (I had sort of given up on this in the past, but a few seconds of googling and I had some guy's LISP routine to make it fuck directly off), and getting rid of most of the extra junk at the bottom, I had what is probably the single cleanest (and functional) ACAD setup I've ever had.

There seems to be a little trouble with the bar at the bottom - even after unchecking 'Display Configuration', 'Global Cut Plane Icon', 'Cut Plane Text', 'Replace Z Value',  and 'Elevation', they keep wanting to come back on when restarted.  That's a minor annoyance (and they can always be unchecked again) but there is also no option to turn off the icons for 'surface hatch toggle', 'layer key overrides', or the 'Autodesk Trusted DWG' icon (or the 'customization' icon for that matter - this should all be located in 'options' or somewhere else).

As people have time to look at it (and as I have time to search) 'fixes' for these minor items might present themselves - but there's going to be a bar at the bottom of the screen anyway (more on that in a second), so it's not necessarily taking up work space (it does like to jump up an extra line from time to time though - but it seems to go away when I uncheck the extra junk).

So I get my QAT set up (while looking at my 2014 setup), get rid of the stupid green and red X/Y lines, turn off the coordinates at the cursor (and tooltips), turn off polar tracking, extend the crosshairs to their limits, set up arrow to previous command, set right click to repeat previous command (and enter when in command), and I'm ready to rock 'n roll.

Then I notice that it has model/paper space (or 'work') tabs at the bottom of the screen - this is fucking awesome, because even in 2014 it was relegated to a single icon at the bottom that you had to click on, then select the paper space view you wanted.  In 2015, even this icon went away, and I was forced to put one on my QAT.

Now, (rant warning) even though I understand the reasoning behind it - I don't fucking use fucking paper space.  I consider it to be a huge aggravation and an impediment to my ability to get my shit done - but I do occasionally have to open drawings that were done in paper space from time to time, and being able to easily navigate through their sheets is essential.

When I'm working on a project, I want all my shit in one fucking place so I can fucking see it, wrap my fucking head around it, and manipulate it.  People like to think that paper space (or Revit) helps to keep things organized - when all it does is spread shit out all over the place and leave people (and not just me) flailing.  When I can do a birds-eye view of my entire project, as if the sheets were laid out on a huge desk, and zoom to any point on it at any time (or up to eight at once with VPorts), that is a fucking system for keeping things straight.  (/rant off)

There is one new feature in 2106 ACAD (that I turned off because it was the default - but might actually end up getting some use), and that is the 'Lasso'.  It's a little strange the first time you see it (especially if you aren't expecting it), but it basically allows you to have more flexibility when selecting objects/text than just 'rectangle'.  You can easily avoid items that you don't want to select, rather than having to grab everything in the area and de-select items.

Not a game changer by any means - but it's good to see that people are still attempting to innovate and improve ACAD in these days of Revit-dicking.  Hell - with as good of a job as they did with this release, they could probably make ACAD into BIM software (without the asinine interface and arbitrary limitations inherent to Revit), which is what they should have fucking done in the first place.

Instead, they decided to go the dickless motherfucker route - and so now, they can all go fuck themselves.  And if you don't like it - you can go fuck yourself right along with them (because whether or not you are aware of it, or are willing to admit it - you are already both fucking yourself, and already fucked).

Next time - 'Revit Is Incompatible With Indecisive Clients'.

-SKFK 2016

*Edit - only one other minor issue, apparently in 2015 some fucking genius decided to add a 'feature' called 'rubberband lines' that shows a dashed line from your basepoint when moving/copying/etc. extending to wherever you drag the object, neglected to give us a variable to disable it, and this has carried over into 2016.  Hopefully this will get fixed ASAP, but I can ignore it for now.  If anyone runs across a fix, let me know!

*Edit #2 - I just ran across another annoyance, but it had a 5 second fix - setting 'selection preview' to 0 prevents it from highlighting shit when you hover over it.

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