Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lies, Damned Lies, and Revit

This is one of the most egregious examples of Revit Apologetics I have ever had the displeasure of reading:

Now - this is in 2015, and 'Michael Hopple', a Structural Designer and 'BIM Manager' is (in theory) trying to figure out how to convince the 33% of 'holdouts' to kneel down and suck the almighty Revit cock (note: that 33% figure is probably a bit low, because he probably doesn't realize how many 'Revit' shops are still doing a lot of their work in ACAD in order to get it done and out the door).

It reads like a motherfucking cult manifesto - and while it centers around the Structural portion of Revit (which is far more advanced than the Electrical portion), it does a bang-up job of dismissing a list of valid concerns (that he listed), while ignoring a plethora of basic functionality and user-interface failures.

Of course, it ignores the fact that Revit didn't fucking invent '3D' (or BIM for that matter).  Then goes on to dismiss the back-breaking cost of the software, hardware, training, etc. (not his money) and extolls the virtues of having a model that his customer can understand.

His statement: "It is difficult not to spend an abundance of time rotating the model in all directions just to explore the 3D structural model" says a lot more than anything I could ever say.  That's what you will generally see the people doing instead of getting the Revit model to the point that other disciplines can actually work on it.

He quotes another Structural Revitbot 'Cat Conlin' as saying: "One of the underappreciated features of Revit is the Project Browser" which sounds like they are reading off of a script written by some fucktard at Autodesk - speaking of which, this entire goddamned post milks so much jizz out of the Autodick, it's amazing they haven't imploded from the force of the suction.

By the time he gets to the 'tablet computers replacing paper drawing sets at the construction site' trope, '3d printer software linked to Revit models' (to do what, build the fucking building for you?) and (oh my fucking god) 'virtual reality headsets'... it's like he's totally lost touch with reality.

I actually made contact with the 'Revit Holdout' that he quotes in this article to make sure he was aware that he and his firm were being advertised on AUGI as 'Non-Revit', and he claimed that they are 'Revit capable' however they did not use it for their internal design work for the various assemblies that they manufacture.

It was disturbing (but sadly, not surprising) that he wasn't aware of how damaging this could be to both he and his firms reputation, what with the end-run Autodesk has been doing around the design community to get BIM required as part of various projects.  If they had a competitor who claimed 'All Revit All The Time' it's entirely possible that they could lose out on a major project (oh well, their loss).

At any rate, listening to people argue for their favorite solutions is usually sure to leave you smelling a whiff of the ass they are kissing - but Mr. Hopple has solved the problem by plugging the Autodesk bunghole with his entire head and part of his upper body.

I really do wish him, and all of the Reviteers out there nothing but success in the future - may their mouths not split open from the plentiful cock wedged therein.



  1. Absolutely priceless. Your blog is a constant source of fresh air!!

  2. Thanks Dustin - I've thrown open all the windows (and tossed a few Reviteers out)!

  3. LOL, on target post. Keep up the work.