Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Opening Shit In Revit

Okay, so Revit is slow as shit, and makes massive bloated files.

Besides putting massive amounts of stress on servers, networks, and computers (much of which was never considered by the average firm that took the Revit dick full in their eyesocket), it also manages to waste untold amounts of time opening a project - often throwing up idiotic messages, and sometimes even just refusing to open a file because... well just because.

Our Revit-Faggots have spent ungodly amounts of time trying to unfuck projects that have become corrupted, refuse to open, screw up links, and this all leads to even more of a clusterfuck for everyone involved (even if they have wisely chosen to stay the fuck away from Revit).

On top of this, trying to find workarounds for what should be simple stuff, finding out that it doesn't actually do a lot of the stuff it was advertised to do, and then figuring out what the fuck you are going to do about it in the meantime (only to waste even more time trying to get everyone else 'coordinated' with your half-ass fucked up workarounds.

Jesus Fucking Christ - it never ends.

So you open a Revit file.  You can either sit there and watch it open, or you can go do something else while it opens (only to come back and find that it has stopped on some stupid message) or sort of half-babysit it until you've got your file open.

Whether its the first time you've been in the file, or the hundredth, then you get to try to track down where in the fuck everything is at.  The 'project browser' acts sort of like windows explorer, giving you a run down of all of the floor plans, ceiling plans, etc. - including the sheets that the drawings will end up being laid out on (speaking of which - every time you add a new sheet, you have to go through the same fucking process).

The problem is - no two Reviteers use it the same way, and even if they do, the ONE GODDAMNED THING you are trying to find is buried under two metric fucktons of useless bullshit, dozens of views that they had to make in order to even be able to see what the fuck is going on (without having to export to Navisworks), and just... shit.  Everywhere.

A simple solution would be to have the 'project browser' be the GODDAMNED BUILDING.  If you want to see ceiling plans - you click on a ceiling and select 'reflected ceiling plan', if you want a floor, roof, elevation, etc. - you click on it, and go there.  I can't remember if I have addressed this before, but out of the THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of 3D design programs, games, etc. - CERTAINLY these fucking Autodesk retards could have figured out an interface that let you easily maneuver through a project, manipulate objects, and get something done this fucking decade.

I guess fucking not though - so instead we're stuck with a sack overflowing with shit covered dicks.

(Or we continue to use ACAD like an good, intelligent, and productive people).

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