Friday, September 28, 2012

'Project Upgrade'

What in the fuck is the matter with these people?

Attempting to open an older file - even just for viewing shouldn't require me to either: a) go open an older version of the software, or b) wait for half a fucking an hour while the project is 'upgraded to the latest file format'.

I shouldn't have to 'be patient', and the only question that I'm contacting Autodesk support about is whose testicles are getting crushed first.

One of my long-time beefs with the Revit is the inability the thing seems to have to actually open a file sometime this decade (let alone the program itself).  In earlier versions (on older computers - albeit state-of-the-art at the time and loaded with more RAM than WIN XP even knew what to do with out of the box), I was 'hesitant' to open multiple files at the same time because one was already about all it could handle. 

I have opened multiple files on newer versions (on newer machines) without incident - which is probably more of a testament to how little I use the stupid piece of shit, however even if a file isn't attempting to 'upgrade' for 15 minutes (without asking first), it still takes a good chunk of time, during which time my concentration is thoroughly broken.

For some people, this may seem like a non-issue, because they come in to work in the morning, open their Revit model, work on it all day (saving locally and to central occasionally, updating the model - maybe closing out of it at lunch) and turn it off when they leave.  They might have a question come up on another project that requires jumping into it for a few minutes, but then it's back to project #1.

I have, on occasion, been into as many as two-dozen different projects within the course of an hour - made in too many versions of ACAD and Revit to even name, spanning over a decade.  I literally never know what I might need to access at any point in time.  Our archive directories were made kind of hack-and-slash, and apparently not everybody knew about XREF relative path back in the day.

I am confident knowing that if I open ACAD, and go on a search (for anything other than files I know are in Revit) I can have 24 files open in the time it takes for Revit to open even a single, relatively small model, and 'convert' the stupid thing.  My drawings take an extra second - but as I have mentioned previously, I've got the whole damn project right there in model space where I can wrap my head completely around the scope of the project - even if I haven't seen the fucking thing in a year and a half, instead of fumbling with the idiotic 'project manager' in Revit that nobody seems to give a fuck how buried in shit it gets (especially if I share an Architectural or MEP model).

Someone calls with a question? <BANG> the whole fucking project is on my screen, and I'm ready to answer, clarify, tell them I have to research it further, or tell them to fuck off and stop bothering me with stupid shit.  I can zoom to any part of it instantly, or use Viewports to zoom to four points at the same time - I don't have to make idle chit-chat with them while it loads and waste additional time on top of already having been pulled out of whatever three projects I was juggling at that particular moment.

My boss shouts that he has someone on the phone and needs this that or the other thing?  <BANG>  it's open and printing or .pdf(ing?) whatever he needs to see/send.  I don't have to stall or worry that if I do something else while it loads that I won't notice when it finally does.  A dimension?  I can have it in seconds - even if it was from a project I did seven years and seven releases ago.  A panel demand load? Same.  Anything, and it's all right there at my fingertips.

And that's before we even get to the re-usability of portions of projects that I have completed in the past - but we'll save that for next time.

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