Friday, April 25, 2014

Constrain In The Membrane


I was curious to see if there was a keystroke to toggle Revit's 'constrain' feature rather than having to click in the check box every time I wanted it on or off.  A quick search told me that pressing 'shift' would switch constrain on/off (opposite of whatever is checked) while held, but apparently that's it. 

Not really a big deal, but definitely par for the course - and not to mention that even if you minimize the 'ribbon' to tabs, it is still taking up 1/2" of real-estate all the way across the top of my viewport (half of which is a blank gray border that turns a sickly green color so it can have three fucking checkboxes for constrain/disjoin/multiple to appear in when in a command).  I'm sure there are other 'contextual' things that pop up in there too, none of which would be necessary if they could be toggled with keystrokes.

As usual, after reading a few pages of comments, people were getting berated for suggesting that because ACAD could toggle Ortho on/off with F8, that maybe Revit could do the same thing.  Same thing for polar tracking, object snap tracking, etc. - it's always:  'Stop trying to use Revit like ACAD, use Revit like Revit' which apparently involves dropping stuff in wrong, and then tweaking it.

'Use Revit Like Revit' is a bullshit statement though - allowing software to dictate how you do things is how you get into trouble.  Instead - how about we 'Design Like Designers' and you can stick your bullshit propaganda up your fucking ass?

Oh - just in case you were curious, pressing 'F8' in Revit pulls up the 'wheel menu'. It's another idiotic 'feature' on par with the 'viewcube' both of which are basically like using your mouse to manipulate a mouse on the screen). 

Click and hold 'zoom' and move your mouse to zoom in and out (like the scroll wheel on your mouse does).  Click and hold 'pan' and move your mouse to pan (like holding your scroll wheel button down and moving the mouse).

The only thing it adds to the mix is a 'rewind' feature to take you back to previous views, which- by the time you dick with the 'wheel menu', you could've already used your mouse to pan/zoom back to what you needed to see/where you needed to work.

Interestingly enough, this means that Revit IS tracking every zoom/pan (so it could be made to sync up with your 'undo' if it will affect something that you can't currently see - it could be optional, hell - it could be TOGGLED) - although, to tell the truth, I'm actually a little surprised that they didn't remove the mouse scroll/button pan/zoom functionality just to spite ACAD users.

Speaking of idiotic features, the official lists of bullshit that Autodesk has added to their 2015 release (rather than fix their shitty software) have been coming out.  I will be reviewing these next time - and I've had a specific request to tear 'sketchy lines' a new asshole.

Request Accepted.

-Skull To The Fuck


  1. Today, I spent most of the day downloading Building Design Suite 2015 - I did install Revit for one reason and one reason only, to make it possible to 'save as DWG' in order to import it back into AutoCAD and spend less time cleaning it up into a workable project than any amount of wasted time using that stupid fucking programme, Revit....

    Fuck Revit and fuck Autodesk for trying to force that piece of shit software on us....

  2. I spent most of the day yesterday trying to get a fucking title block to show up correctly.

    I talk to a 'Revit Guru' (who is at least in engineering - if not in my department) who I could tell automatically assumed I was an idiot, only to find out that the architect had set it up incorrectly (or differently than he thought it should be done anyway).

    I had to pull him and one other person in to figure out the last piece of the puzzle - and the comical multi-step processes necessary to make even the most basic changes reminded me why I started this blog.

    Fuck Revit With The Heat And Force Of 1,000 Suns.

  3. Ahhhh!!! God fucking dammit! This time, Ortho OFF and snapping ON. Try it. 2 pages of bullshit on thier forum. WHY DO WE NEED AN ENGINEER IN ORDER TO USE ARCHITURAL SOFTWARE!?!? I'm getting out of this field of work. I don't want to be an arhcitect anymore. They all convinse themselves Revit is just "the best thing out there". We need more blogs like this so that every time Autodesk goes out in public they are scorned. I think I'm going to attend the next AIA convention and just walk around wearing a sign listing the 100's of different ludicrous issues I've had. I never get so mad at anything. FUCK!

  4. Maybe nail the list to the door of the convention.

    Martin Luther Style.