Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I watched people stumble over each other attempting to get the most basic shit together last week because nobody can be bothered to give a shit about making our firm looking like a cohesive unit capable of taking on large scale projects.

Now, this has been a problem since the first project I ever did, and it's a never-ending source of frustration to watch it play out again and again - some idiot slaps together a crappy title block (model, detailing, etc. - whatever, we'll go back and fix it later) as a 'placeholder', and then wait until after the project is code fucking red before realizing that the placeholder became gospel.

Apparently it's just been 'accepted' (like so many other fucking things that sad, sorry motherfuckers are willing to bend over and take) that if you have someones Revit file linke in, that you still have to export their title block family, and then load it into your model (and then have a 'dumb' title block that won't update along with theirs).

This requires either unloading the file you are going to open (because Revit won't let you have a model and a linked model open at the same time), opening another instance of Revit, or closing out of your file in order to open theirs (assuming you have access to it, and your machine doesn't catch on fire).

Of course, having one master file that everyone shares was the selling point (but not the reality) of Revit in the first place.  Structural Engineers/Designers that I've talked to say they had to fight for the right to party directly in the Architectural model, and (besides the obvious title block problem) it eliminated a large percentage of the problems they were having (although not all - it is still Revit).

The people who don't use Revit (like the majority of Engineers) are incredulous watching attempts at compiling a set of drawings, only to have basic consistency tossed to the wind, and having to spend 2-3 times the time/effort to fix the clusterfuck (and that's if someone isn't still diddling their dick and changing shit).

Even the ones who are 100% on board with it, and maybe even dabble in it a little are stunned when an archi-twerp fucks something up, and then comes back with a half-ass excuse like: 'Revit blah blah blah - Model blah blah blah', instead of: 'I'm sorry - I neglected to mention that I was going to undertake a fairly elaborate set of steps to fix something that was overlooked repeatedly and there was a very good possibility that other disciplines might get fucked over by it, especially considering we are at the last minute and this isn't the only fucking project on the schedule this week (or today).

Or more accurately - they are scared as hell because they've been flailing to get their work done in Revit (or masturbatorily detailing out shit that nobody will ever see) and now the shit has hit the fan.

And they aren't just fucking themselves over.  They are fucking EVERYONE over - often with a complete lack of realization they are doing it.  Some are so buried into the task of getting a set of (half-assed at best) drawings out of a Revit model that they aren't even aware that the building goes on a site, and that their constant changes have to be coordinated with Civil Engineers/Designers who aren't using Revit (and aren't going to be using Revit).

I've mentioned the relationship between Civil and Electrical before, and it has to be a tight one - regardless of software, if one of us makes changes - WE FUCKING TELL THE OTHER ONE, or at least make some attempt at coordinating it.  Not everything that can be done in a Revit model can actually happen on the site, and all it takes is a single moron to start rearranging deck chairs and 'voila' the entrance to the building now extends over a gas line easement, or forces the electrical service to run an extra 1000' because there is no longer any room for a transformer, etc. etc. - on and on, ad naseum.

The time/money to fuck with these kinds of things is simply not in the projects - even (actually especially) when they've convinced their customer (or had their customer come and request) to pay more for Revit/BIM.

Nobody profits but Autodesk -and that's just fucked up.

Fuck this, fuck that, and fuck that rabbit with a bat in a hat.

-Sick Of Getting Skullfucked


  1. Hoping that you write something up about the new 'sketchy lines' feature in 2015. You know what I think to myself every time i review a set of drawings? Man, I wish this could look like it was drawn by a 5 year old!

  2. I'll have to do a run-down of new 2015 'features' soon - it's truly sad when 'sketchy lines' is at the top of most people's lists...

    On the other hand, I was amused to see that they finally added the option to trim/extend multiple elements!