Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Everything In Revit Looks Like Shit

Get Fucked.

I am sick and fucking tired of staring at shitty looking Revit models, text, linework, etc. that this fucking 'flagship' program can't even manage to show correctly while zooming.  Shit pops in and out of existence, overlaps, or otherwise becomes illegible unless you zoom way in on it, and at each level of zoom you get different artifacts, blurring, etc.

Half the time I can't tell what the fuck is going on - I've started re-drawing shit because I thought it fucking ate itself, only to zoom slightly differently and have it pop back in.   It generally plots correctly (after you wait for it to fucking plot - slow piece of shit), but goddammit how in the fuck am I supposed to accomplish anything when it inexplicably screws up everything I'm looking at?

There is no excuse - this is shitty program design, and a complete lack of fucks given on the part of Autodesk.  I don't give a fuck if this program 'isn't supposed to be for drafting' or what the fuck ever - it gets used for a variety of tasks, and it needs to be able to accomplish them ALL with some semblance of competence, or it needs to go fuck itself.

There is a massive discrepancy between what Autodesk and the other disciplines I see using Revit (and even some of the people attempting to practice my discipline) need to have in the way of tools in order to accomplish their work.  Maybe other people have managed to overcome some of the many hurdles in Revit to reach a point where it no longer hinders them, and maybe even helps them.

In my experience though - this is bullshit, because they weren't doing what I do to begin with.  Not as quickly, accurately, or as efficiently anyway - and so Revit allows them to drag their feet, point fingers, and create an illusion of competency and productivity.  I've watched it happen, and it's not a pretty sight.

What Revit is, on the other hand, is an excellent way for people who already have an over-developed sense of superiority and entitlement (i.e. - Sanctimonious Motherfuckers (TM)) to revel in sucking their own dicks while they refuse to acknowledge massive holes in both the software they worship and the failed processes they have allowed to develop in it's wake.

Fuck Sanctimonious Motherfuckers (TM) and if you don't like it - FUCK YOU.


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