Friday, July 31, 2015

Let's Experiment With Revit!

It's a brand new day - with yet another Revit dick set to hate-fuck your eye-socket!

I might be showing my hand a little bit here, but I just sat through a meeting and several side conversations afterwards regarding how a project is going to be completed in Revit.  I'm not going to get into details, but as with many other projects we've worked on lately, it's an attempt at making it 'easier' for some disciplines (while complicating things for others) as well as allowing us to simplify future projects.

Listening to someone explain the reasoning and processes behind how this project was set up were dizzying both in scope and logic.  It was amusing when another discipline almost immediately pointed out how this new set up was not compatible with the way they needed to do things (as if anybody gives a fuck) but also mind numbing to listen to nearly everyone involved (myself not included) laugh off the (self-admitted) fact that 'this might blow up in our faces'.

Much of this new process was being proposed to battle problems that we had run into on a previous project (ignoring that Revit was what allowed those problems to exist in the first place).  Of course, most of the blame was diverted away from Revit and towards a brand new Revitbot that had inexplicably been allowed to take on a large scale project and made the kinds of inevitable mistakes that any new employee (Revit or otherwise) is going to make.

The difference is that in this case, those mistakes resulted in considerable extra work and the screwing over of everyone involved (including themselves).  Fortunately I was only involved in one aspect of that particular project (that didn't require Revit) so I wasn't directly harmed.  I have probably mentioned this project before though, as it was the one that was done to completion before being completely redone due to nobody bothering to communicate that it was the same fucking project with a new name.

I don't entirely blame the new Revitbot, as they were probably just trying to fight the good fight and get the project completed (and didn't ask to be put in that situation in the first place).  They probably came in the door assuming that everyone would be working together to ensure success, rather than an 'every man for themselves' taken towards how Revit will be used, and how projects will be completed.  Like I've said, they measure their success by other people's failure - all the better if they can praise the Revit while condemning their fellow Reviteer.

If these people were trying to break my sanity, I literally can't imagine what they could do better.  My motivation has been sapped, my productivity has dropped to nearly zero, and all because I can't fathom how anyone involved in the process has allowed things to get so far fucked into a hole in the ground.  I'm incredulous as I think about the sheer volume and diversity of work that I have been able to accomplish at my firm, both before and after the Revitlution - only to find myself struggling to figure out how to even start the next project.

Meanwhile, there are people patting themselves on the back for their 'accomplishments', and managing to take great pride in the half-assed work they have done (despite it also being only a fraction of what they needed to have done).  We find ourselves further hampered by having to revisit projects on almost a daily basis due to mistakes, oversights, and other issues that should have been worked out the first time around (hindered even FURTHER by the fact that they have to fix those problems in Revit.

It's a goddamned circus - and the fucking clowns are running the show.

Fuck Revit,  fuck Autodesk, and fuck every Sanctimonious Motherfucker (TM) to ever set foot on the face of the planet and expose the rest of us to their incompetence and self-importance.

May their suffering be legendary, even in Revit.


(Edit: I was browsing the internet to see if I could find where anybody had made any progress on the multi-tenant front, and ran across a post (from 3 years ago of course) where a useless piece of shit calling himself 'WWHub' berates and insults someone pointing out functionality lacking in Revit:

It runs the entire standard process from someone asking a question, to self-important motherfucker sticking their diseased cock in everyone's face and waving it around, to the asker finally throwing their hands up.  I will post more if I find them)

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